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IMPORTANT 12/6/21 PTB Covid Policy Update
Dear PTB Community,
Since I updated you all last week, we have been informed that we need to further amend our Covid safety measure policy for NEP and PHS.
The measures are now the same between the two facilities, as follows:
NEP and PHS Home games
  • Spectators must wear a mask
  • Coaches and Refs must wear a mask
  • Players must wear a mask on the bench
  • Players may remove their masks while competing on the court
  • Please limit spectators to immediate family
  • Do not attend games if you are unwell or in quarantine
As always, we will inform you of any further Pelham gym safety policy changes going forward.
For our Away Games, the following general safety measures remain the same for MA gyms and NH gyms respectively.
Massachusetts Away Games:
  • Spectators, Players and Coaches must all wear masks at all times, including on the court while playing
  • Each player should ensure they have a mask they are comfortable wearing while playing on the court for these games
New Hampshire Away Games:
  • Please check with your Coach ahead of the game to understand each NH gym policy, as each NH gym is different depending on the town
  • Assume every NH town will require masks
NOTE​ - For ALL games, Players, Coaches and Spectators should all have a mask handy.
It's important that we all comply with each town's safety measures so that we can play basketball the whole season without disruption.
Compliance with every gym's mask policy is very important or our PTB teams risk severe penalties.
Our leagues informed us all today that any non-compliance by our spectators in Massachusetts or New Hampshire away gyms will result in severe penalties, including:
  • Suspension of the Pelham Coach
  • Pelham Spectators not allowed in away gyms
  • Removal of the team from the league
The same holds true for visiting teams and spectators in Pelham gyms.
These penalties are very harsh for sure. But these are in place because each town's basketball program risks losing their gym space if attendees do not adhere to the facilities' guidelines. So please help us keep ALL of our players on the court, playing basketball and having fun!
You can do your part by simply complying with the rules of each gym, for the short hour you're there to watch your son's/daughter's game.
If you have any questions, please consult with your player's Coach.
Thank you again for your support and cooperation.
George Muldoon
President, PTB

by posted 12/06/2021
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