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Boys Lacrosse Spring 2020 Assessments 4th - 8th Grade   Day...
7v7 Information
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Boys Lacrosse Spring 2020 Assessments 4th - 8th Grade


Day 1 - Sunday October 27th
Where: Challenger Field 3
10:00am - 11:30am - 4th, 6th, 8th  
12:00pm  - 1:30pm - 5th, 7th
Day 2
Where: Challenger Field 3
When: Sunday Nov. 3rd
10:00am - 11:30am 4th, 6th, 8th  
12:00pm - 1:30pm 5th, 7th
*    Full equipment is required
Registration is $10 and you must attend one evaluation to be considered on a higher level Hawks team.  Elite level teams will be formed immediately after these assessments with intermediate and beginning level teams to follow.

by posted 09/25/2019
7v7 Information

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Welcome to  Parker Hawks 2nd Annual Fall 7 v 7 League


The Parker Hawks will host a 7 v 7 league in order to foster growth of the sport and continue experience in the lacrosse athlete.  We provide a backyard style game of play to encourage individual player creativity growth and fun. 

Required Gear

7 v 7 athletes are expected to play with a set of full lacrosse gear (Helmet, Gloves, Chest Protector, Arm Pads, Mouth Guard and athletic protection.)


7 v 7 will be a 6 week league with games beginning on Sunday September 8th and ending Sunday October 20th with a bye week on October 6th to allow teams to play in Boom Town Boomerang.  A fun optional costume game will be played on Sunday October 20th.


The days format will consist of 30 min of a group warmup and drill instruction followed by 1 hour of game play.

Teams will be formed depending on numbers by combined age and skill.  No record or league standings will be recorded and each week teams will compete against like competition.

Flow of play

·       7v7 will be played on a shorter field by teams no larger than 12. The on-field team will consist of 2 defensive players, 2 midfield players, 2 attackman and 1 goalie.  Off side rules will be in effect

·       Faceoffs will only occur at the beginning of each half of play.  After each goal the ball will be given to the opposing team at GLE.  The opposing team must give 10 yards after a goal is made.  10 seconds will be allowed for substitutions and placement.  Fast starts will be encouraged by the ref with the start of play beginning with a whistle.

·       Each half will consist of 20 min of running time.  Stop time will occur during the last 2 min of play if the game is within 2 goals.

·       If a team falls behind by 5 goals the ball will be rewarded and started at ½ field.

·       If no winner is decided at the end of game time the winner will be decided by sudden death Braveheart.

·       2 timeouts per team will be given during normal game play to be taken only while in possession of the ball.  No more than 1 time out per ½. No timeouts will be allowed during sudden death Braveheart.

·       If a penalty is called the offending player must remove himself from the field and a substitute will enter in their place 5 yards behind the player with possession giving the possessing team a head start or fast break.

·       A penalty shot will be rewarded if a penalty occurs to a player with a clear shot to the goal.

·       Penalty shots will start with possession on the ½ line and must be shot by a player whom the penalty occur on and the player must remain in consent motion with their feet.

·       Penalties will follow the 2018 AYL rules to include no body checking.

7 v7 Benefits

·       Two games may be played on one field simultaneously

·       Face offs will be eliminated after goals allowing the ball to be put into play as soon as possible.

·       Most importantly, with smaller teams, the athletes will get many more touches and opportunities to hone their skills.

·       The rules of 7-on-7 have been modified from the traditional game of Lacrosse to emphasize Fun, Finesse, Skill and Safety for all participants of all ages and sizes.

·       A shorter field and continuous play keep the game fast paced and exciting.

by Sean Crosbie posted 09/03/2019
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