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Darien Ice House: COVID-19 procedures & guidelines

Below are DIH's current procedures and guidelines.  These will be updated as necessary throughout the season:


*Locker rooms are closed until further notice


*No Food or drinks 


*No entry until 15 minutes prior to game or practice

*Players should arrive to the rink dressed as much as possible in their equipment wearing a mask

*Players are to enter the rink through the front door and look on the board for assigned changing areas

*No sharing of water bottles.  Every child should have his or her own labeled water bottle at every practice and every game

*No spitting, or squirting water bottles at anyone

*Masks / face coverings are required at all times up until the player puts on their helmet and steps onto the ice

*If a player becomes symptomatic at a team function, they are to notify a coach immediately and will be escorted from the ice

*Parents are required to wear a mask or face covering to enter and while in the rink

*Only one parent or guardian will be permitted at the rink for practices and games


*No siblings allowed

*Can only watch a game from designated "X" marks on the bleachers.


*No watching games from the glass and aisles need to be clear

*No post game handshakes


by posted 09/29/2020
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