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Welcome to Nassau Hockey League!
by posted 09/04/2014
Nassau Travel Hockey Orientation & Tryouts
Please refer below to see what team your player is eligible to play based on age and what the dates and times are for each orientation and practice:
Mites are kids born 2006 and 2007
Squirts are kids born 2004 and 2005
PeeWees are kids born 2002 and 2003
Bantams are kids born 2000 and 2001
Girls Travel - open tryout is for girls only (all ages are welcome)... we will have 2 teams again this year, a competitive U16 team and a developmental team of mixed ages (typically 8-12).
Practice #1 -
Open to all players (USA Hockey Registration is required)
Saturday, September 13th
Squirt Orientation     8:15am
Squirt Tryouts           8:30am
PeeWee Orientation 9:30am
PeeWee Tryouts       9:45am
Sunday, September 14th
Girls Orientation        8:15am
Girls Tryout/Practice  8:30am
Bantam Orientation   9:30am
Bantam Tryouts         9:45am
Sunday, October 5th
Mite Orientation        10:45am
Mite Tryout/Practice  11:10am 
*Note: USA Hockey requires all MITE teams to play x-ice or 1/2-ice games.  We have capacity for 2 or 3 teams of 8-10 players.  We will accept all players who are committed to the program.   Each player will be evaluated and assigned to a Mite team based on skill level.
Practice #2
Invited tryout based on Practice #1
Tuesday, September 16th
Girls - ALL                6:00pm
Bantam                    7:10pm
Thursday, September 18th
Squirts                      6:00pm
PeeWees                  7:10pm


Nassau Hockey League is open to boys and girls living in and around Princeton, NJ and the Hopewell Valley area.  Our mission is to create a fun and relaxed environment for kids to make new friends while teaching them to skate, play the game of hockey and to have a good time.  We strive to create a safe and disciplined environment where kids are able develop sportsmanship, respect for others, and also a strong work ethic.  It’s common at the end of the season for parents to remark how much their children have developed on the ice.   But just as often (and perhaps even more importantly), we hear how Nassau Hockey has helped to improve and transform their kids behavior off the ice as well. Hockey is a competitive and sometimes demanding sport.  It often creates situations which require kids to dig down deep and to constantly reach for new goals.  Nassau Hockey provides kids with an environment to grow both as hockey players and to develop character and skills that will serve them well in all facets of life.


The underlying key to the success of the Nassau Hockey tradition has been the restraint and support of the parents in helping us to create and maintain a constructive, low key atmosphere at the rink.  We also are fortunate to have a high degree of participation from parents both on and off the ice.  Your direct involvement is always welcomed.  Just ask how you too can be involved!


Nassau Hockey has 3 divisions loosely based on age, although we have plenty of overlap to accommodate the outliers.

  • Juniors – Ages 4-7

  • Seniors – Ages 7-12

  • Varsity – Ages 11-15

The registration process will open up in August on our website.  You'll be asked to first register with USA Hockey and then you can register for the appropriate house league division.   Nassau Hockey Travel team tryouts will take place September 13-14. Our travel teams are comprised of many of our best house league players who are looking for a bit more competitive play against other metro area clubs.


Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions about Nassau Hockey!



Michael Zammit
President, Nassau Hockey League

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For your sponsorship and support of the 2014 Season Ending Skating Party!

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