United in One Vision as One Community for Baseball and Softball in Irondequoit: We are Irondequoit Little League
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Welcome to Irondequoit Little League

United in One Vision as One Community for Baseball and Softball 

in Irondequoit: We are Irondequoit Little League

We are located in Irondequoit, NY and offer baseball and softball programs, in spring, summer, and fall.

This year is a special year for both Irondequoit Little League and Little League® as we both have big anniversaries this year.  We are in our 60th year while Little League® is celebrating 75 years!


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Fall Blow Out Sale! Not much time left
  With the 2014 season almost over we are having a Fall Blow...
Meeting and Elections information with BOD candidates
2014 Irondequoit Little League General Membership Meeting and...
Bring a Miracle Field to Webster NY
Bring a Miracle Field to Webster! Currently there are plans...
Williamsport Experience 2014
Great job to Irondequoit and to all that participated in the...
Irondequoit Little League Spring Registration is Open
  Click here to be brought to our registration page. Or Click...
Irondequoit Little League Board takes #icewaterchallenge
Irondequoit Little League Board of Directors takes on the ALS#icewaterchallenge. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=600669406718993
FREE Quick Courses available!
Irondequoit Little League is proud to announce 2 FREE Quick...
Way to go Blue Thunder' Softball team!
  Over the last month the Irondequoit Little League (IRLL)...
Updated-How to add your child's schedule to iCal
To sync your team's schedule with your iOS device's calendar...
How to import your practice and games to your Google calendar
Please watch the video below to add one or multiple children's...
AIAA Supports Roberto's Kids
↵AIAA supports Roberto's Kids!   At Roberto's...
General Dates/Times of Play, Practice and Fee by Division
Approximate Times:  Weekdays; Games start at 6:30pm and last...
Holiday Bottle Drive
Another holiday is in full swing and more are coming.  Make...
Parent Responsibilities - Please Read
Please make sure you read all these and follow for 2014. Parent...
We are now on Twitter!
We are now on Twitter! Look for us @AIAAbaseball  All...
We made the newspaper!
Check out the article in the Irondequoit Post about AIAA! Fields...
AIAA Baseball is a volunteer organization
AIAA Baseball & Softball is a volunteer organization. All...
Fall Blow Out Sale! Not much time left


With the 2014 season almost over we are having a Fall Blow out sale on clothing.  

These make Christmas gifts!  These prices are only available for a short time.

Please use the link below to see what we have in stock.


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Meeting and Elections information with BOD candidates

2014 Irondequoit Little League

General Membership Meeting


Election of the Board of Directors 


How does it work? How can I contribute? How can I volunteer?

How can I get elected to the Board of Directors?


The 2014 IRLL General Membership Meeting and election of the Board of Directors had to be reschedule due to conflict with scheduling and will now will take place on Thursday October 23rd @ East Irondequoit Middle School CafĂƒ© @ 6:30

The meeting is open to all general members and includes:

  • Presentation of “2014 in review” by the current Board of Directors
  • Board of Directors for 2014-15 will be announced


Who is a member?  If your child played in IRLL in 2014, you are a member!  If you did not have a child in the program but were an active volunteer, you are a member!

There are two types of members:

General Members: Parents of players, managers, coaches, Board of Directors, and other active IRLL volunteers.

Voting Members: General members who completed a 2014 Volunteer Application form, were assigned a position, and actively fulfilled that position. A ballot will be emailed to all voting members that requested a proxy ballot after October 8th

With respect to the election, below is a review of the process:


  • Any general member in good standing can be self-nominated or nominated by another individual to the IRLL Board of Directors.
  • A nominee should send in a head shot photo and a few sentences on why they wish to be on the IRLL Board.  The photo and paragraph will be posted on the website for everyone to view.
  • Nominations for election to the IRLL Board of Directors should be emailed to:     by October 8th.
  • An email will be sent to all general members listing the slate of nominees, as well as a posting on the IRLL website.



  • A voting proxy ballot will be emailed to all voting members that request one. Otherwise voting will be done at the election meeting on October 23rd.
  • A completed ballot must be emailed to election officers:   no later than October 21st .
  • Any ballots received after October 21st  will not be counted.

Summary of Key Dates:

October 6th      Notice of General Membership Meeting sent to general members

                            and requests for nominees begins.-COMPLETE

October 8th     Nominations for new Board of Directors closes

October 9th     List of nominees will be emailed and published to our website

                      for the General Membership,  and Voting Members will be

 sent Proxy ballots via email (when requested).  All voting will be done at general meeting

October 21st    Last day to submit proxy vote via email to 

October 23rd     Elections will take place and the New Board of Directors will be announced at the General                                     Membership Meeting


2014-2015 Board of Directors candidates


Toni Beardsley 

I would like to be a part of the IRLL board so that our softball girls have a voice. This is a great baseball organization which can also be a great building block for our softball players. I would love to see our softball teams get an equal opportunity in this already amazing organization.


Jason Bishop

My coaching career began in 1999 as a basketball coach at Webster Christian School. In the past fourteen years I have coached Boys Varsity/JV and now Modified for the past seven years. My youth coaching experience began in 2011 with EIAA soccer and AISA baseball. I have coached soccer for three seasons and T-Ball/Rookie for 4 seasons. I would like to run for the board again this year because I would like to volunteer more time to our league. I am dedicated, organized and committed to my teams and the league. I have four children eight years or younger and would like to help them and other kids have fun playing sports.


Tim Booher

I have been on the Board for the past 6 seasons (4 with AISA and the last 2 with IRLL). I am a coach/parent who wants to see this league grow and prosper. I work very hard to keep up with the fields. And i work even harder to be the best coach that i can be. One of my biggest goals is to see ALL of our kids succeed.


Kelly Breuer

I would like to be on the board to help in marketing the the Irondequoit softball league better in the community, as well as help implement changes and better organize the league for both the parents and children to enjoy it more.  I enjoy coaching these young girls, and want to play a more prominent role in the organization to help effect a change in how the league is run and how to better solicit funds for the organization as well. With my extensive marketing and advertising background, as well as owning a prominent womens magazine and marketing agency locally, I think I can truly help the organization flourish.


Chris Brown Jr.

Baseball has been a lifelong passion of mine since before I can remember.  Now, as a father of 3 young boys, I have a vested interest in the future of Irondequoit Little League Baseball so that they have the opportunity to experience the fun of America's favorite pastime as I did as a boy.  It would be my honor to serve as a member of the Board of Directors.  I had the pleasure of coaching T-Ball this past Spring and I wish to increase my involvement so that I can contribute to making this organization more of a success.


Dave Calarco

I have been a Manager/Coach within IRLL for 6 years and have coached from Rookie level through Majors level Travel/Tournament  teams.

I have been a Board Member since 2013 and have held additional roles within the organization including Player Agent, Majors Commissioner, Fall Ball Coordinator, Travel Coordinator, and Marketing Coordinator. Additionally I hold the position of Marketing Director for District 4 Little League and took an active role in helping to create and implement the 2014 Marketing Plan including re-branding efforts, new websites, enhanced social media presence, and the highly successful Travel Opening Day which drew attendance by politicians and mainstream media outlets.

I am excited to continue the efforts which have enabled IRLL to grow not only in numbers but in the opportunities it provides to our youth in the community: helping to make them not only better athletes but more importantly better people.


John Calenzo

My name is John Calenzo and I would love to be on the Irondequoit little league board again this year.  I've been a restaurant General manager for 9 years and have been in management for over 18 years.  I have a national food safety certification, which of course is necessary if we are to have any future plans of concessions. I order inventory for gross sales of well over $1 million and have good relationships with multiple food vendors in the Rochester area.   I have been a manager or coached for 7 years both on house and travel teams.   I have a vision of every kid in Irondequoit playing under the same organization....Irondequoit little league.


Chris DeMayo

I coached my daughter in T-Ball Softball the past 2 years. I am new to Rochester, I relocated up here couple years ago. I was involved with local programs downstate and was interested in getting more involved up here. I feel I can add value to the softball program and am very excited about that opportunity. I network a lot through the community and get involved with local businesses to make things better for them and our children. Many different events I have been through in my life have lead me to work as a Financial Advisor with MetLife. I love to get involved and help people. I joined programs up here like Heroes Home Advantage, Michele Ladd from Ladd agency started the program for local Heroes (Firefighters, Police, Military, & Emergency responders) where she gives back 25% of her commission to any Hero that buys or sells a home through her. After my experience in 9/11 it has been a passion of mine to help others. I look forward to an opportunity to join IRLL as a board member and make it the best program in Upstate NY.


Steve Gangarossa

After being on the board for two years my goal is to make sure the league develops into a program that other towns can emulate.  The board needs to finalize a budget and start a fund raising program to build funds and use them for the development of our players to keep them in the Irondequoit’s system.  Running my own company I hope to bring that experience and stabilize the financials and build relationships in the community.  As a long term goal I would like to see IRLL build our own complex and really develop the softball program.  This past year we implemented winter workouts and I would love to see that continue this year.


Brian Gardinier

Experience: Current President; Has been a Board Member and Minors Commissioner; Two years Minors Coach; One Year Majors Coach and Majors All-Star Coach; three years Coaching Little League International in Asia.  

I believe in Irondequoit Little League.  My mission would be to provide the young girls and boys in this community a program that promotes softball and baseball throughout the entire year; one that leverages parents, volunteers and community officials to help establish a first-class facility that IRLL can call their own and a program that is both locally and regionally competitive and respected, where the kids can have fun and are properly taught the fundamentals of the game.


Matt Gordon

I would like to be considered for the Board of Directors again this year because I have an undying love and passion for Baseball. I enjoy teaching kids about the game and about staying true to the sport by "honoring the game" rather than "winning at all costs". I feel that IRLL is a great league with a lot of great people involved and would love to help steer it in the right direction. I believe that with the right people on board we can make IRLL a premier league in District 4 Little League, and I would love to be one of those people.

I carry the following certifications:

Little League Certified Double Goal Coach

American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

American Red Cross CPR/AED Certified

American Red Cross First Aid Certified


Zach Haight

 I'm interested in being on the board to help make Irondequoit a baseball town. I want to make sure my children and their peers learn to play and respect the game the right way. Baseball is something that brought my family together as a child and my goal is pass that bond onto both my boys... as well as the other Irondequoit families in the community.

I believe the children in IRLL need to learn to play the right way while also respecting the game of baseball.  This will help each child with life after baseball.


Sheri Koepke

My name is Sheri Koepke. I joined the board in 2014. I felt I could contribute most to the league if I understood how things were done “behind the scenes” and be an active participant in the decision making and growth of the league. I soon became involved in fundraising, worked with the treasurer to prepare monthly financials and helped with uniform distribution. I would like to remain on the board in 2015 to continue to work towards the goals and visions we have for Irondequoit Little League’s future.


Peter LaPietra

I have been an active member of Irondequoit Little League (formerly IAA) for the past seven years. During my tenure I have been a Baseball Head Coach from T-Ball through the Majors Levels.  In 2011, I became a member of the Board of Directors and was appointed Minors Co-Commissioner and continued that responsibility into 2012; in 2013 he held the role of Majors Commissioner and League Scheduler for the House League. In 2012, I was instrumental in forming the Fall Ball League which has grown to more than 150 players in 2013 while also assisting with the (new) Little League Travel Baseball Program.

My philosophy is to have a community centered program for the hundreds of boys and girls that participate each year and one that is a positive reflection of the many coaches and volunteers which help make Little League possible in Irondequoit.  “My goal is to grow Irondequoit Little League into an organization that establishes a strong development model and strives to continuously improve that model to ensure that all the young boys and girls have the right baseball and softball experience and that our coaches receive the proper training and support in the program.” 

I believes that IRLL can become a program that meets the needs of all levels of players regardless of skill level and that it can be accomplished by reaching out to the community and encouraging greater volunteer participation. My goals are to provide bigger and better opportunities to play baseball by participating in the numerous local and regional tournaments throughout the entire year. 

My vision is to leverage local and state governments to help improve baseball and softball facilities in Irondequoit. By working together as - One Community, One League – I believe baseball and softball have a bright future in Irondequoit. 


Eric Loomis

I accept the nomination and would like to continue on the IRLL board for another season.  If the position of treasurer is still available I would like to be considered for that role.  Serving with the board has been a great experience and I'm humbled to be working with some amazing board volunteers.  The passion and dedication of the current board members is inspiring and I hope there will be an expanded presence and participation in the upcoming season.  Aspiring to provide an amazing baseball and softball experience in the spirit of the Little League mission is personally motivating.  And having two participants benefiting from this program doesn't hurt either!


Patrick Montana

Having been involved with the Irondequoit Little League through AISA and AIAA as both a parent and coach, I feel I am acutely aware of where our organization has some challenges and where we excel.  It’s easy to critique from the sidelines but more effective to be part of the solution, which is why I feel my input into the organization as a whole can help us overcome these obstacles and make IRLL better. 


Tim Monroy

I have lived in Irondequoit for 11 years and have two girls that participate in the softball program in majors and t-ball. I would like to be considered for the board in hopes to help in growth of the league for softball and baseball. 


Marci Schneider

This would be my 4th year on the Board of Directors and I love this organization and the work that we have been doing to make it better.  I believe that IRLL has unlimited potential for continued growth and development of great baseball and softball players.  Each person on the Board of Directors brings different perspectives and ideas to the table, and it is this diverse mix of personalities and experiences that constitute a great Board.  In that regard, I have some great ideas for the softball program.  I am a “think outside the box” type of person and I feel that innovative thinking is needed on a Board of Directors. 


William Schuler

I would like to be on the Board because IRLL is a wonderful organization. I would love to do anything I can to ensure continued success and great experiences for our kids


Brandy Simone

I joined the board in November 2013 to try to make a difference in the lives of the children of Irondequoit that are a part of this league. I’m very proud to say that I have been a part of watching this league grow and cannot wait to see where we go from here.


Steve Smith

I am interested in joining the Board of Directors so that I can be a part of helping the league get to the next level. My son has been a participant for the last few years, and I am excited about the changes that I continue to see. I am a strong believer in positive coaching and reinforcement of good skills in the players. I see the need for continued growth in the league as well as unification between softball and baseball. I am proud of the improvements that our league has made and would like to continue to be a part of it.


Fred Sykes

I’ve been fortunate to be associated with IRLL as both a parent and a coach.  In addition to continuing in those roles, I would be honored to serve as a member of the Board of Directors.   I value the relationships that I have formed with the players, parents and other coaches and would enjoy taking part in helping the softball program continue to thrive and grow.


Sal Valdez

I would like to participate and be involved in Irondequiot Little League as a board member in hopes of continuing moving the league forward in positive direction.   


Tom VanGorder

I have lived in Irondequoit since 2006 and my wife and I plan to continue raising our children and calling it home for many more years to come. This is an excellent community and a wonderful place to live. I have two younger children, one boy who is just beginning his Little League career and one little girl who will be starting hers in the next few years.

I coached the T-Ball division this past year and am now coaching the rookie division this fall. I have enjoyed my time with the kids and the parents more than I could have ever imagined. I will continue to dedicate whatever extra time I have to the Irondequoit Little League and to the community in general.

I believe I would be a great addition to the board because of my loyalty to this community, as well as my belief that sports and activity go a long way in making our children one day, become overall better people.

Thanks for your consideration.


Rob Wilson

I would like to be on the Irondequoit Little Board to further develop and grow a youth organization that supports and encourages our town’s youth to be better people as they learn skills they will use throughout their lives. I have been involved in Little League as a player, umpire and coach for 12 years. Becoming a member of the Board is another way I can use my leadership expertise to better serve the Little League community.

by posted 10/06/2014
Bring a Miracle Field to Webster NY

Bring a Miracle Field to Webster!

Currently there are plans underway to build a state of the art "Challenger Miracle Field" in Webster, NY. This field will be the home field for Webster Challenger Baseball, but the field will also be available for other area Challenger Baseball teams. The entire playing surface will be constructed of a rubber-based material that is suitable for wheelchairs, walkers, and ALL Challenger players.  If you wish to donate or learn more please visit: www.webstermiraclefield.org

Please support this fantastic cause!

by posted 10/02/2014
Williamsport Experience 2014

Great job to Irondequoit and to all that participated in the Williamsport Experience 2014!  Teams from Irondequoit, Webster, Victor, and Penfield were all invited to attend in 2014; this is the second consecutive year an Irondequoit team has been asked to participate.  Each Team played three games at both Lamade and Volunteer Stadiums in Williamsport NY: home of The Little League World Series. Special thanks to Chuck Lamagra from Victor for organizing the event.  Much more coming on the event so stay tuned!

by posted 09/28/2014
Irondequoit Little League Spring Registration is Open


Click here to be brought to our registration page.


Click here for our paper copy.

by posted 09/22/2014
Irondequoit Little League Board takes #icewaterchallenge

Irondequoit Little League Board takes #icewaterchallenge

Irondequoit Little League Board of Directors takes on the ALS#icewaterchallenge.


by posted 08/17/2014
FREE Quick Courses available!

Positive Coaching Alliance

Irondequoit Little League is proud to announce 2 FREE Quick Courses available today through the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA ).  A video link  on PCA is here http://positivecoach.org/our-story/the-pca-story-video/

A listing of members of the PCA Advisory Board is here: http://www.positivecoach.org/our-story/our-team/national-advisory-board/

Since 2006, Little League® has partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to provide a framework and tools for local Little League volunteers to develop a culture of positive, character-building competition. Recently, Little League extended this partnership to include relevant information for the Little League Coach and the Little League Parent, with the addition of two FREE quick-courses. These quick-courses provide a framework to develop a positive coach-parent partnership and to be a powerful sports parent from the stands.

Little League Double-Goal Coach®: Little League Double-Goal Coaches have two goals, winning, and more importantly, teaching life lessons through baseball and softball. Double-Goal Coach takes its name from a book by PCA Founder and Executive Director Jim Thompson and is the inspiration for the online Little League Double-Goal Coach Course. 

Register for the Coaches FREE Course here:



Second-Goal Parent: Just as Little League Double-Goal Coaches have two goals -- winning, and more importantly, teaching life lessons through baseball and softball -- Little League and Positive Coaching Alliance aim for “Second-Goal” Parents, who are focused on the “second goal” of helping children take life lessons from sports. 

Register for the Parents FREE Course here:


by posted 08/04/2014
Way to go Blue Thunder' Softball team!

Over the last month the Irondequoit Little League (IRLL) Softball Majors ‘Blue Thunder’ Team, made up of 5th through 7th graders, has rallied behind Avrie in her fight against leukemia. They traded their traditional blue socks for orange ones, wear Avrie tee-shirts and bracelets, and start and end their games with cheers for her.
Most recently they finished a pledge drive, collecting donations for each run scored over four games. In those four games the girls crossed the plate 57 times, and in the process raised a total of $1,028.35 for ‘Team Avrie’.
The board of directors would like to thank the Blue Thunder' for giving back to your community.  What a wonderful way to represent Irondequoit Little League.

by posted 07/07/2014
Updated-How to add your child's schedule to iCal

To sync your team's schedule with your iOS device's calendar you need to "subscribe" to that calendar by following these simple steps:

1. Go to irondequoitlittleleague.org on your device

2. Click on Teams, then click on Select a Team, and then choose the appropriate "Season" and then choose the desired team

3. After the screen refreshes to the home page for that team, click on Teams again and then click on Schedule. 

4. After the screen refreshes to the team's schedule, click on the small calendar icon next to the word Schedule and then click on the options button.  Click on subscribe and choose iCal.  You should get a pop up asking if you want to subscribe to the calendar. Click Subscribe and you should then see a pop up confirming the subscription. 

That's it. All of your team's scheduling events going forward will automatically be synced with your iOS device for the remainder of that season.  At the end of each season you'll want to delete that calendar from your device (in Settings, go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars), and you'll want to re-do the above steps to add the schedule at the beginning of each new season.
There also an app that you can download to your phone 
"LeagueAthletics Mobile"  

by posted 04/09/2014
How to import your practice and games to your Google calendar

Please watch the video below to add one or multiple children's schedules to your Google calendar.

Click here to watch the video

Not showing on your mobile device???????

After you have completed the video portion click here and make sure the IRLL calendar you created on your Google calendar has a check mark next to it.

by posted 04/08/2014
AIAA Supports Roberto's Kids

AIAA supports Roberto's Kids!
At Roberto's Kids, their global reach and leadership bridges the gap between different cultures through baseball.  Their organization partners with communities as they develop and nurture social responsibility.
They achieve that through the collection and distribution of new and gently worn baseball equipment.  They work with baseball leagues, charitable organizations, individuals and retailers in the United States, Canada and Latin American countries and AIAA is one of them.

We have already sent one shipment over 200 lbs.!  We will be preparing a donation of gently used baseball & softball equipment in the near future.  If you are looking to purge some of your child's equipment or uniforms to make room in your house please email Dave Calarco at: 

This is a great opportunity to give back to the baseball community.

They have sent us a thank you letter for our first shipment.  You may see that letter by clicking here.

If you want more information about this organization click here to be brought to their page.

by posted 12/26/2013
General Dates/Times of Play, Practice and Fee by Division

Approximate Times: 
Weekdays; Games start at 6:30pm and last for more than an hour
Coaches may want player on the field for warm ups at 6pm.  Junior and Senior divisions start earlier.
Saturdays; Games may be scheduled anywhere from 9am to 6pm

by posted 12/11/2013
Holiday Bottle Drive

Another holiday is in full swing and more are coming.  Make some room in your home and bring your empty bottles to Ridge Nickelback located at 4389 Culver Road.  AIAA has an account set up there. All you need to do is drop them off, you don't even need to wait for Nickelback to process them.  They do all the work for you!

The proceeds from this bottle drive will go towards continued improvements of our fields and spring programs as well.

Thier hours are Monday-Saturday: 9 am-6 pm or on  Sunday: 10 am- 4 pm​ and let them know that they are being donated for AIAA.  Our account number is 93.
It's that Simple!

by posted 12/03/2013
Parent Responsibilities - Please Read

Please make sure you read all these and follow for 2014.

Parent and Guardian Responsibilities

Irondequoit Little League Baseball and Softball   
1.      A parent, guardian or other designated adult MUST accompany each child to all practices and games.
2.      Plan your schedule accordingly for an “on time” arrival to games and practices. Coaches may ask that kids be there 30 minutes prior to game time for warm ups and position assignments.
3.      In the event of a medical emergency or injury, the parent is responsible for all medical decisions and treatment for their child. 
4.      Please make your coach aware of any health, medical conditions, allergies or any expected absences due to illness or other schedule conflicts.
5.      If lightning is observed anywhere in the vicinity of a game or practice, all play must end immediately and the field must be evacuated as quickly as possible. An “all clear “may be given after a 20 minute waiting period.
6.      In the event of questionable weather, plan on attending the game unless you are contacted by the head coach or Irondequoit Little League prior to the game. There may be occasions when a final decision to play is made at the field.
7.      Parents and coaches are expected to be good role models for sportsmanship and teamwork. Let’s all do our best to have fun and praise the good effort despite the score.
8.      Support the umpires, coaches, managers and the local and Little League rules. Arguments and foul language will not be tolerated. Contact league officials regarding any concerns or questions.
9.      We are guests on ALL of the fields where we play. Please follow the carry in/carry out policy.  Report any safety concerns to your coach or your division commissioner.
  1. **** Alcohol, Tobacco and Pets are NOT allowed on the fields where we practice or play games.*****

by posted 12/01/2013
We are now on Twitter!

We are now on Twitter!

Look for us @AIAAbaseball 

All of our news posts on our website will post on Twitter as well.
by posted 10/29/2013
We made the newspaper!

Check out the article in the Irondequoit Post about AIAA!

Fields of dreams: Irondequoit's now single Little League organization plays in Williamsport; looks to its own facility

Read the article here.
by posted 10/19/2013
AIAA Baseball is a volunteer organization
AIAA Baseball & Softball is a volunteer organization.

All funds collected through registration fees and sponsorships are used to cover the costs of uniforms, equipment, insurance, and umpire fees. We have other administrative costs such as website hosting, banking, telephone and copying.

Our coaches are folks who give of their time to help kids have fun learning and enjoying the games of baseball and softball.

Our administrators do all they can to keep things running smoothly.

If you have suggestions or would like to donate your time or sponsorship please contact us.

by posted 03/07/2010
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