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Registration for the 2021 season is 




Thank you for your interest in Cherry Creek Bruins Youth Football. 


  CCYS offers a premier tackle football program that competes against other youth clubs in the Arapahoe Youth League.  Participation is available to youth ages 6 - 14 (Grades 1st - 8th), with 3 levels of competition in most grades.

Please visit our FAQ page for more information about Creek Football


Creek, in conjunction with AYL, is moving forward with the 2021 Football season. We will be following ALL local and state guidelines including number of players/spectators per field, recommended face masks, disinfecting of equipment, etc. Coaches will be communicating out current (and possibly changing) safety information as we receive it. 


Football Jersey fitting day on Saturday June 19th at Willow Creek Park from 8am -12pm.
Please make sure that you have been assigned a jersey number PRIOR to ordering your jerseys.
Included in your football registration
Times and Locations are TBD but are typically in the early evening and located at the CCHS campus
 7/26-7/29 Monday-Thursday (skills clinics)
7/30 Friday (CCHS Scrimmage Day)



AYL Football 2021 COVID Safety Guidelines


Organized recreational sports

  • Organized youth or adult recreational sports leagues in groups of up to 50 players, excluding coaches and referees/umpires, are permitted.

**Some counties are only 25 players

  • Spectators, like parents, are permitted for youth sports, so long as members from different households maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from each other.
  • Maintain contact information and team rosters and be prepared to support local public health contact tracing efforts if exposures occur. 
  • Do not share snacks or water, except in emergency situations.
  • Games that require extensive travel are strongly discouraged.
  • Practice social distancing of 6 feet from other households during drop off/pick up of players.
  • Masks are encouraged where feasible (i.e. by coaches, by spectators)
  • Temperature checks are encouraged before practices and games
  • Face Shields/Splash shields are encouraged for every player.




  • Continue to physically distance, staying at least 6 feet from members of other households.
  • Stay home other than getting  tested if you are sick or have COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Avoid recreating in public spaces if anyone in your household is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Encouraged to wear a mask while recreating.  Abide by local health department orders.
  • Bring hand sanitizer to clean hands when soap and water is not available.



Player/Coach testing positive for COVID during the 2020 season.  

The AYL Football Policy is:

  • Should a Player/Coach test positive they are to be are to be in quarantined for 14 days and return only after a receiving a negative test
  • Team Coach will inform team (without naming child) that there was a player/coach that tested positive so Parents can be aware of the potential exposure
  • AYL Board will not assume the balance of the players have been exposed since there is no way to determine where the child did get exposed.  Thus the team can continue to practice/play as scheduled and does not need to quarantine.
  • Parents will continue to be responsible to watch over their child for any symptoms and should stay home if the child is sick.
  • Parents always have the right to decide if their child will continue to participate or not
by   posted 08/06/2020
Questions? Please email contact@creeksports.com
We hope that you will join us! 





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 3 ways your child will benefit from playing youth football



The following is a list of important dates for this season. It will be updated as more information becomes available.


Preliminary Football Calendar: 

Date: Event Cost
March-April 19th 2021 Early Registration Open $350.00

April 20th-June 1st

June 2nd-September 2021

Late Registration



July 26th-July 30th Preseason Football Camp with CCHS   Free with registration



July 31st

Official Practice Begins - CHSAA rules apply

Practice times and locations may be altered due to weather, field conditions, coaches request, etc. 
August 14th


Coaches will let you know your teams time and location for weigh in. Please direct any questions to contact@creeksports.com

August 28th

October 23rd

First Regular Season Games

Last Regular Season Games


October 24th

October 30th

November 6th

Mini Playoffs


Super Bowl 





IMPORTANT! Registration fees: Once late registration begins, registration fees will increase $50, and players will be accepted ONLY if there is still space on a team. Unpaid registrations are NOT granted roster spots until the account is paid in full. Cancelation fees are $50.00 if cancelled PRIOR to June 1st 2021. Starting June 1st, 2021 there will not be ANY refunds granted (including partial refunds) for ANY reason including scheduling issues or injury. There are no exceptions. All refund requests must be done in writing. Please send information to contact@creeksports.com 

Register early to avoid placement issues as teams fill VERY fast! (Seriously, they really do fill fast!)

Please email us at if you have any questions, are interested in volunteering, or would like to apply for a scholarship.  Please complete a scholarship application if you would like to make a request for a scholarship (note* please allow up to 2 weeks for processing. Only partial scholarships can be granted and are given on an as needed basis only). Any/all out of district requests are automatically disqualified, sorry. All scholarship request must be received prior to Late Registration beginning!

Grade/Age: A player's eligibility for the season is determined by the grade he is entering in the fall, as well as age on May 31st, of the current year.  No player who has attended high school classes will be permitted to play in the AYL, regardless of age.

Offseason Workouts:
All AYL teams may conduct voluntary workouts starting May 1st and continuing until the official practice start date.  Teams may have 1 workouts per week. Teams will not be allowed to wear pads, and workout must be non contact during this period.  All players MUST be FULLY registered with CCYS before they can attend ANY team activities. *NOTE: Not every team will elect to participate in pre-season workouts.

Practices will be held on weeknights and possibly weekends during the pre-season. Teams will hold 2-4 practices a week, depending on the age and level of the team. Once games begin, practices will be held primarily on weeknights.  All practices will be held at the parks and fields within the CCYS territory as determined by your coach. Practice schedules will be communicated by your coach one to two weeks prior to the practice season start. Practice schedules are subject to change throughout the season. Coaches can conduct workouts (one time per week) starting in May. Not all teams will participate and is facilitated by coaches only.

8 games are typically played on Saturdays, but please understand that make-up games, playoffs, and Super Bowls may be scheduled on Sundays.  For the benefit of the coach and the team, you must be willing to commit to play on Sundays if necessary. Also note, that there will be games played over Labor Day weekend and fall break. The season runs from the first week in August until mid November

NFC - Represents the most experienced players and the highest level of competition in our league.
AFC - Represents the largest number of players in our league.  It is for more experienced athletes playing at a competitive level.
CFC - This represents our entry level of play and is intended for only those at an early level of experience (1st or 2nd years).

Coaches are required to attend all coaches meetings or send a representative in their place. Coaches will be contacted by email for all meetings. Head coaches are required to register by May 1st, click on the Coaches Registration link in the left menu on this page.  All football head coaches must be considered "in-district" as defined by CCYS.  All coaches are required to complete USA football Level 1 Certification, failure to do so may result in suspension from coaching.  

A blue and a white game jersey are required for all players. We will be holding a jersey fitting day(s) in June and will send information to those registered and will post information on the website as it becomes available. Helmets will be white with blue or grey facemask.  Game pants color will be decided by your teams coach. You are welcome to purchase football equipment (helmet, shoulder pads, mouth guard, cleats, etc.) from any retailer you choose. Please wait to have team equipment information from your coach or email contact@creeksports.com with questions prior to purchase to avoid confusion.



Have questions or need more information?  Contact the Football Commissioner at  .


9 tips to help your child juggle school and youth sports




Last year, USA Football completed a two year study that determined actual facts surrounding injuries associated with youth football.  This year, USA Football continued their study by evaluating the impact of the USA Football's Heads Up Football program on youth football injuries.  The results are amazing - this independent study found a 76% reduction in injuries for leagues participating in the USA Football program vs. leagues that do not take part in the program.  This year's study by the Datalys Center involved over 2,100 players, ages 5-15, across 100 teams and 10 youth organizations spanning four states.  The number of players from leagues committed to using USA Football's Heads Up Program were over 1,400 players while those players from leagues not using the Heads Up Program were just over 700 players.  The two-to-one difference in players using the Heads Up Program vs. players from leagues that did not use the Program was used to balance its youth football safety surveillance data for the 2012-13 study.

Some additional important results from the study are as follows:

Players in Heads Up Football leagues were 57% less likely to sustain a time-loss injury, while more than 90% of youth players in Heads Up Football leagues did not sustain an injury in games or practices during the 2014 season.

In three years of research (2012-2014) encompassing more than 6,000 players ranging in age 5-15, only 2.8 percent of all players had sustained a concussion.  Bruises were the most common injuries reported (27% of all injuries), followed by ligament sprains (22% of all injuries).

As many of you already know the CCYS Bruins and the AYL are total committed to making football a "Better Safer Game."

(For those of you who wish to review the complete article on this year's study please go to the following link: Datalys Center Study


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