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 Sat 04/13/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Wakefield HS 1:15p 2:30p  >Boys Teams> Arlington-12UA_ARL Game 12UA-1   RM 
Hampshire Park Upper 12:15p 1:15p  >Boys Teams> Ashburn-10ULBMF_ASH_ 1 Game 10ULBMF   JF 
Braddock Park 3:15p 4:30p  >Boys Teams> Braddock Road-12ULB_BRD Game 12ULB   CG 
Nike Park #4 9:00a 10:15a  >Boys Teams> 14ULB Game Springfield-14ULB_SPR   MS 
10:15a 11:30a  >Boys Teams> 12UA-2 Game Falls Church-12UA_FCH   DD 
11:45a 12:45p  >Boys Teams> 10UUBMF Game Chantilly-10UUBMF_CHY   SS 
12:45p 1:45p  >Boys Teams> 8ULBMF-2 Game Algonkian-8ULBMF_AGK   FH 
1:45p 2:45p  >Boys Teams> 8ULBMF-1 Game Gainesville-8ULBMF_GNS_1   FH 
Saunders MS 4:45p 6:00p  >Boys Teams> Prince William-14UA_PRW Game 14UA   JA 
Linway Terrace Turf 10:15a 11:15a  >Boys Teams> Mclean-10UFF_MCL Game 10UFF   EM 
 Sun 04/14/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Stone Bridge HS 5:15p 6:30p  >Girls Teams> Falls Church-G78A_FCH Game G78A Falls Church forfeits due to lack of players  NS 
Lake Braddock Turf 4:45p 6:00p  >Girls Teams> Burke-G78LB_BRK Game G78LB Great Falls forfeits due to lack of players  NS 
Nike Park #4 12:00p 1:15p  >Girls Teams> G56LB Game Chantilly-G56LB_CHY   CG 
1:15p 2:30p  >Girls Teams> G56A Game Fort Hunt-G56A_FTH   PS 
McLean HS 12:00p 1:00p  >Girls Teams> McLean-G34FF_MCL Game G34A   CK 
McLean, McLean HS - Box #1 4:30p 5:30p  >Girls Teams> Ann Girls 3/4B2 Game G34LB   HD