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NEPSAC AA Showcase

at Cushing Academy

Ashburnham, MA

Sunday, January 26


Watkins Fieldhouse

12:00pm Cheshire Academy (CT) vs Bradford Christian Academy (MA)

1:30pm Cushing Academy (MA) vs Winchendon School (MA)

3:00pm Worcester Academy (MA) vs Tilton School (NH)

4:30pm Wilbraham and Monson Academy (MA) vs Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA)


Heslin Gym

12:30pm South Kent School (CT) vs Brimmer & May School (MA)

2:00 St. Andrew's School (RI) vs Lawrence Academy (MA)

3:30 Kimball Union Academy (NH) vs Masters School (CT)

The New England Prep School Athletic Counsel (NEPSAC) Class AA have made it a point lately to get together in one location during the mid-season and play each other. It serves two purposes. One, it adds some more reference games as additional fodder for the post season tournament seeding committee.  Secondly, it creates a vertitable scouting feast for college coaches and their scouting proxies to see over 100 college prospects play with and against each other on fully coached teams.

At the NEPSAC Showcases in June, one of the consistent comments from the hundreds of college coaches in attendence was how much better a read they got on players when seeing them play with their fully coached prep school teams. This is as opposed to seeing the same player in the under-schemed version of basketball that usually comes from his AAU team which gets much fewer practices and often have a frequently changing roster.  Given that logic, a Sunday at a NEPSAC AA Showcase is a college scout's dream.

Below are the recaps on some of the top players in this year's AA Showcase:

Robert Naeem Bland (2020 Post Grad) 6'3 guard, Bradford Christian Academy (MA) - Skilled Athletic combo guard that can score the ball in many different ways. He has great range and plays above the rim. Strong Academic Student. Low DI / DII Prospect, has strong interest from some NE-10 schools. 

Joey Merrill (2020) 6'3 guard, Bradford Christian Academy (MA) - Deadly long range three point shooter that is very skilled and crafty with the ball. Lefty that is a great passer and play maker. DII / DIII Prospect has interest from some NE-10 schools.

Jordan Santos (2020) 6'1 guard, Bradford Christian Academy (MA) - Combo guard that is poised and great length and body plays above the rim and can run the team. His speed and athleticism makes him great in transition. DII / DIII Prospect. 

Zaquan Warren (2020 Post Grad) 6'4 forward, Bradford Christian Academy (MA) - Tough hard nose player that can stretch the floor with his ability to attack the rim from wing and hit the jumper . Great rebounder with ability to finish in transition. Worked hard to come back off an injury last season at Holy Cross HS.  DII / DIII Prospect.

Kuany Teng (2020) 6'4 guard, Bradford Christian Academy (MA) - Teng has the ability to play and guard multiple positions on the floor and can do it all on both sides of the floor. He will fill up the stat sheet and a great shot blocking guard. DII / DIII Prospect.

Jalen Aquino  (2020 Post Grad)  6'1 guard, Bradford Christian Academy (MA) - A highly skilled offensive player who can score the ball in many different ways , great size combo can shoot and handle the ball well. A very good on ball defender using his quickness and long arms. DII / DIII Prospect.

Sam Goy (2020) 6'4 guard, Bradford Christian Academy (MA) - Goy is a good sized wing who can shoot the ball from the arc and ability to score off the bounce. Skilled offensive player that is a good offensive rebounder as well. DII / DIII Prospect.

Asa Beyah (2020) 6'3 195lbs guard, Cheshire Academy (CT) - Athletic, strong guard who can play on and off of the ball. Good shooter who can also attack the paint to score or create. Excellent on-the-ball defender. >3.0 gpa. Multiple D1 offers.

Giovanni Rubino (2020) 6’2 point guard, Cheshire Academy (CT) - Incoming post grad from NJ. Excellent vision and feel for the game, good shooter and crafty around the basket. 1200 SAT.

Kenny Wilburn (2020) 6'7 forward, Cheshire Academy (CT) - Incoming post grad from Maryland. Under-recruited due to being sidelined in high school due to injuries. Good size and a soft touch. >1100 SAT.

Cole Wissink (2022) 6'1 175lbs guard, Cheshire Academy (CT) - Tracks as a scholarship level player.  Athletic and skilled. Excellent student.

Malachi Ndur (2020) 6'8 forward, Cushing Academy (MA) - (from London, ONT). Committed to Brown University.

Isaiah Gray (2020) 6'3 guard, Cushing Academy (MA) - (from Brooklyn, NY). Committed to Cornell University.

Will Campbell (2020) 6'4 wing, Cushing Academy (MA) - (from Milford, NH) Committed to Bard College.

Coby Gold (2020) 6'2 shooting guard, Cushing Academy (MA) - (from Denver, CO). One of the best shooters in New England. Shooting over 50% from three at Cushing this year. Missed most of his senior year after shoulder surgery. All-league player during his junior year at Kent School in Denver, CO. High basketball IQ, great defensive instincts and active/quick hands on the ball. Improved athlete and toughness since arriving at Cushing. 3.5// 28 ACT.

Sean Okpoebo (2020) 6'4 wing, Cushing Academy (MA) - (from Leominster, MA). Returning from ACL surgery, missed the first 2 months of the season and all of pre-season. High major athleticism, makes open 3's, guards 5 positions on the floor. Very high IQ and instincts on both sides of the ball. Just turned 17, considering a PG year. 3.6//1280 SAT.

Clay Bolster (2020) 6'1 guard, Cushing Academy (MA) -  (from New York, NY). Tough, athletic combo guard. 3 point shooter, very good playing without the ball, rebounds well for his position. Could transition to the point guard position in college. Will win every 50/50 ball, ultra coachable. Interest from NESCAC and UAA schools. 3.5//1380 SAT.

Jack Gumbert (2020) 6'6 wing, Cushing Academy (MA) - Missed the last two seasons with leg injury. Cleared in December and back to full strength. Ultimate competitor, can shoot the 3 and score around the rim. Tough and athletic enough to guard 5 spots on the floor. Big time baseball player, will likely play two sports in college. 2.5 GPA.

Dan Braster (2020) 6'6 guard, Cushing Academy (MA) - (from Brooklyn, NY) . Big guard -- great vision in the open floor, drills it from 3, crafty mid-range and around the rim scoring the ball. Improved toughness and mentality over the last year. Will have D1 and D2 options at the end of season. 2.5 GPA//1180 SAT.

Andrew Hartel (2020)  6’9 230lb, forward, Kimball Union Academy (NH) -  High Motor, Physical, Scholarship level
athlete and tremendously under the radar prospect! SAT 1260 GPA >3.0. 3 Sport Varisty Athlete in So. Maine and no real AAU exposure until short stint with Middlesex Magic summer of ’19.

Robert McRae III (2020) 6’4 guard, Kimball Union Academy (NH) - committed to Dartmouth.

Jarron Flynn (2020) 6’3 guard, Kimball Union Academy (NH) - Low Major D1 or higher prospect. Much improved skill set over last calendar year and no better ATHLETE on the floor on any game night. Flynn has always been great in transition and now has more refined game in the half court. Terrific ability to get into lane and finish around the rim with either hand with range out to the college 3pt stripe.

Owen Grady (2020) 6’4 guard, Kimball Union Academy (NH) - DIII prospect. Slight of build senior that will play a role in KUA’s 2019-2020 success. Owen is a jack of trades and will provide maturity to a very new KUA roster. Strong student.

Robert Brown III (2021) 6’4 guard, Kimball Union Academy (NH) - Mid Major prospect. Big strong guard that attacks the rim with strength and power! Has made great strides in refining his ball handling and shooting skills this fall. As he continues to trend upwards his recruitment will continue grow as he currently holds offers from Siena and Stony Brook.

Matt Price (2021) 6’1 guard, Kimball Union Academy (NH) - Low Major prospect. Bigtime competitor, wired to win, and has the skill set and basketball IQ to be a scholarship level lead guard. Has the academic profile that will also be
attractive to a wide variety of schools.

Quinn Guth (2021) 6’2 guard, Kimball Union Academy (NH) - Low Major/DII prospect. Athletic, skilled and wired to compete! Very efficient offensive game that allows him to play multiple positions a roles in the backcourt. Will stretch
the defense with his deep rage and also finishes through contact! On a strong academic KUA roster, there is no better academic profile than Quinn.

Ryan Banks (2021) 6’5 guard, Kimball Union Academy (NH) - a Low Major/DII prospect. Has developed a great deal physically and with his overall skill set in the last calendar year! A coach’s dream because he just likes to out-compete his opponent in pick-up games, drills or on game day. Jack of all trades on both ends of the floor and he still has a ceiling he hasn’t yet reached! Strong academically that will have had 3 years of strong NEPSAC academic achievement under his belt by the time he starts his college career in Fall 2021.

Neruda Perdoma (2021) 6’0 Kimball Union Academy (NH) - Has worked hard to develop his conditioning and skill set in his time at KUA. Has an extremely reliable 3 point stroke and ever improving ball skills. Strong academically and interested in pursuing some of strongest academic collegiate opportunities.

Dayi’on Thompson (2022)  6’2 guard, Kimball Union Academy (NH) - No one more physically gifted and possessing natural feel for how to play than this kid! Embracing coaching and continues refine his game at both ends of the floor. Deep range, ability to finishes above the rim, finds his way into the lane, rebounds his position and has the talent to be a terrific on ball defender.

Emile Rioux (2022)   6’10 forward, Kimball Union Academy (NH) - Mid Major or higher prospect. + size, strength, athleticism, with stretch four skills. Canadian product already possesses natural feel and basketball IQ. Combined with strong academic profile, this young man has a tremendously high ceiling as he continues to progress.

Jordan Richard (2020) 6’3 wing, Lawrence Academy (MA) - Honorable Mention All-ISL and NEPSAC-AA.  17 ppg last year.  Rugged and aggressive wing.  Shoots 3s very well.  Very strong penetrator with good fade-aways going right and left.  Gets out on the break and will finish in space and traffic.  Uses his body very well and can score against a variety of defenders whether he has the ball in his hands or using screens and cuts.  Excellent cutter and an aggressive creator from an off-guard position.

Parnell Pierre (2020) 5'9 guard, Lawrence Academy (MA) - Very mature game on this combo guard.  Composed and comfortable with the ball in his hand, but can move to the 2 just as easily.  Opportunistic and crafty on both ends of the floor.  Streaky shooter, but very skilled in traffic.  Gets easy hoops for others when he gets into the lane.  Will miss this season with an Achilles injury.

Brandon Wiercinski (2021) 6’3 guard, Lawrence Academy (MA) - Honorable Mention All-ISL and NEPSAC-AA. Averaged 10 ppg last year.  Very good 3 point shooter who moves intelligently without the ball.  Emerging penetrator and ball handler as he has matured.  Outstanding rebounder at the guard position.  Defends well as the primary ball defender and an excellent help defender and communicator.

Davonte Sweatman (2021) 5'7 wing, Lawrence Academy (MA) - All-ISL and Honorable Mention NEPSAC-AA.  Averaged 18ppg last year. Small but incredibly explosive point guard.  A very simple and efficient ball handler with excellent speed end to end.  A good three point shooter with an excellent pull-up jumper off the dribble or at the end of the break.  Makes excellent cuts. Very tough, competitive and tireless.  One of the best on-ball defenders from baseline to baseline, and a very good rebounder for his size.

Tommy Fontanella (2021) 6’3 wing, Lawrence Academy (MA) - Brings a lot of energy, toughness, and competitiveness to the floor.  An improving shooter from deep.  Very good cutter and slasher and finisher inside for this wing who can defend any position on the floor.  Easily and happily does all of the dirty work and little things to win.  Good primary and help defender.

Reed Bailey (2022) 6’8 small forward, Lawrence Academy (MA) - Loaded with potential.  Very long and very skilled.  All of 6’8 but still has a very young body, more to come.  Very good shooter.  Nearly incontestable with his height and quick release.  Moving without the ball much better this season.  Will be able to score from a variety of locations.

Matt Ragan (2022) 6’5 wing, Lawrence Academy (MA) - Strong lefty.  Very tough and doesn’t back down against bigger opponents in the paint.  Uses his body very well and plays very good post defense prior to ball entry.  Shoots the 3 well and learning to play with his back to the basket in both the high and low post. Good vision and aggressive passer.  Improved considerably this year with a lot of growth still to come.

Ty Chan (2022) 6’6 forward, Lawrence Academy (MA) - New addition to Lawrence Academy.  Very big and strong.  Moves effortlessly for his size.  Plays intelligently for a post player on offense and defense.  Gains good position on the block and can finish with either hand.  Very promising sophomore given his movement, size, and strength.

Billy McCullen (2022) 6’3 wing, Lawrence Academy (MA) - Added several inches in the off season.  Gained significant confidence and should be a solid contributor this year. Plays hard.  Shoots very well.  An emerging defender and gaining proficiency with the ball in his hand.

Taylor Wiercinski (2023) 5'9 wing, Lawrence Academy (MA) - Young guard with a good handle and deep shooting capability.  Very good head on his shoulders as a lead guard.  Just as happy to get others involved as score himself.  Will be little overmatched physically coming straight out of middle school, but loves a challenge.  Strong defensive skills and a nose for the ball as an opportunistic defender.

Jadon Archer (2020) 6'3 190lbs Masters School (CT) - Archer is a scoring machine, averaging 25ppg so far in his senior season for Masters. He is also a ball hawk on defense. All NEPSAC Class AA Honorable Mention as a junior.

Jevon Johnson (2020) 6'3 wing, Masters School (CT) - An uber athletic wing who is very active on both ends of the floor.. Currently receiving interest from MAAC schools.

Jaylen Ricks (2020) 5'11 guard, Masters' School (CT) - An extremely quick competitor who gets to his spots with ease. Competes well and does not turn the ball over. Can shoot it off the dribble and off the catch. NEPSAC Class AA Honorable Mention as a junior. Two time New Haven Register All State prior to attending Masters.  Being actively recruited by Mid Majors.

Shawn Scott (2020) 6'3 forward, Masters' School (CT) - A very athletic, high energey guy who can guard bigger players. Rebounds at a high clip.

George Varmah (2020) 6'5 wing, Masters School (CT) -  A athletic wing built for "positionless basketball". Varmah guards 1-5 in high school and will be able to guard 2-4 in college ball.Interest from MAAC and A-10 schools.

Evan Young (2020) 5'10 point guard, Masters School (CT) - A solid on-ball defender who per his coach, Tobias Ceasar, "is growing every day into the position of being a true point guard."

Andre Johnson Jr (2021) 6'2 150lbs guard, Masters' School (CT) - An athletic guard with good length, who can flat out shoot it. Finishes above the rim.

Quron Zene Jr (2021) 6'4 wing, Masters' School (CT) - Strong, physical and athletic wing who can shoot off the catch and off the dribble. Rebounds above the rim. 3.9gpa. Recieving Ivy and Patriot League interest.

Ashanti Heywood (2020) 6'0 175lbs guard, Proctor Academy (NH) - Good size and athleticism at the guard spot.  Capable penetrator. Developing the ability to finish consistently.  Determined defender. Solid DIII prospect. 3.3 gpa.

Jake McElroy (2020) 5'10 175lbs guard, Proctor Academy (NH) - Excellent Court vision. Reads the game well. Poised and crafty player. Can score at all three levels. Competitor. Leader. 3.7 gpa 1300 SAT.

Tate Matte (2022) 5'11" guard, Proctor Academy (NH) - Intelligent player.  Good feel for the game.  Efficient scorer. Pure stroke. Incredibly hard working, committed athlete.  Able to effectively defend more athletic players due to cerebral approach. Very coachable!  Embraces opportunities to learn.

Joshua Reed (2022) 6'1 140 lbs guard, Proctor Academy (NH) - Good shooter; hits open shots.   Will become a more versatile player as he gains strength. Loves the game.  Loves being in the gym.

Ryan Biberon (2020) 6'7 215lbs forward, St Andrews School (RI) - Hailing from Wilton, CT, this post grad is a smooth, mobile and cerebral big. Finishes well around the basket and shoots the 3 pointer. Makes his free throws and is a solid defender and rebounder. Full qualifier.

Sean Duke (2020) 6'3 175lbs guard, St Andrews School (RI) - A Post grad from Providence, RI. Combo guard, good 3 point shooter, attacks the rim, tremendous athlete and a defensive stopper. Full qualifier.

Evan Gutowski (2020) 6'8 240lbs forward, St Andrews (RI) Post grad. A tough big kid who finishes around the basket. Has a 15 ft and 3 point shot as well. Big time rebounder and defender. Full qualifier.

Sean James (2020) 6’1 guard, St Andrew’s School (RI) - Post Grad combo guard. Tremendous athlete. Good 3 point shooter who also attacks the rim. A defensive stopper. Full qualifier.

Paul Roche (2020) 5'11 175 lbs guard, St Andrews School (RI) - Athletic, jumps well. Very good 3 point shooter. Defensive stopper. Full qualifier. 

Cameron Stiepock (2020) 6'6 195lbs wing, St Andrews School (RI) - Post grad form Glastonbury, CT. Great 3 point shooter, rebounds, tough defender. Full qualifier.

Myles Wilmoth (2020) 6'9 205lbs forward, St Andrews School (RI) - Athletic and a good 3 point shooter. Rebounds well and blocks shots. Drawing significant d1 interest. Full qualifier.

Dylan Ahearn (2021) 6'3 185lbs guard, St Andrews School (RI) - 3 point shooter, terrific floor vision, outstanding passer, plays hard. Should be a full qualifier.

Mathew Constant (2021) 6'1 170lbs point guard, St Andrews School (RI) - An outstanding all around point guard. Great 3 point shooter. Tough defender and tremendous passer. Should be a full qualifier.

Preston Murphy Jr. (2022) 6'0 170lbs guard, St Andrews School (RI) - Tremendous lead guard, outstanding 3 point shooter. Solid defender. Plays hard.

Luke Bitters (2020) 5'10 150lbs, guard South Kent (CT) - Led MIAA (Maine) in scoring with 28ppg, 5rpg and 3 apg. Shot 40% from 3. SAT 1200.

Joshua Reaves (2020) 6'4 190lbs South Kent (CT) - Averaged 15ppg and 7rpg in the D1 prosepct-heavy NEPSAC Class AA last season. Strong and can guard 1-5. Rebounds above the rim, strong finisher, excellent mid-range game, shot 35% from 3. 

Wrenn Robinson (2020) 6'2 180lbs point guard, South Kent (CT) - D1 offered. Played 17u on EYBL and Adidas Gauntlet for multiple years. High level scorer, 3 point shot maker and playmaker.

Enoch Cheeks (2020) 6’3 guard, Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) - Cheeks is a dynamic athlete. His motor is unmatched, which provides dividends on the glass. Great instincts on the court, and quickly becoming a consistent shotmaker. He is coming off of an official visit to Robert Morris. The #3 ranked 2020 prospect in Massachusetts per the New England Recruiting Report.

Isaiah Davis (2020) 6'10 forward/center, Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) - Davis is an elite level defender who is averaging 14 ppg and 12 rebs so far on the season. He is a shot blocker and paint protector. Holds offers from Rhode Island, UTEP and Nevada.

Aaron Gray (2020) 6’5 swing, Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) - Gray is an utility knife, a mismatch nightmare. He can be a face-up 3, back-to the-basket 4 or a point forward. The Rhode Island native is a high IQ guy and willing passer. Holds offers from FDU, Wagner, Central Connecticut, Bryant and UMASS-Lowell. 

Bryce Mitchell (2020) wing, Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) - Mitchell is a knockdown 3PT shooter. He is super long, and with athleticism to match. A high level, two-way player. Getting interest from Central Connecticut, Fairfield University and San Francisco.

Devin Morales (2020) 5’8 point guard, Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) - Morales is the typical high level 5’8 point guard. He has quicks, spins, stops and starts. He uses those gifts to create for himself and his teammates. Will knock down the open three when the defense back-pedals to survive his drives.

Femi Odukale 6’5 guard, Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) - Odukale is a long, rangy athlete. He possess great anticipation on the defensive end of the floor. An elite level ball handler, passer and decision maker. Holds offers from a number of schools including, UMASS Amherst and St. Bonnaventure, with recent interest from WVU, Texas A&M, Gonzaga and Virguinia Tech.

Brian Stevens (2020) 6’4 guard, Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) -  tevens is a combo guard who can shoot the seems off the ball. He plays with pace, and turnovers are few and far between. High IQ, to match the Ivy League grades off the court. Brown, Princeton, St Peters and Hartford all have eyes on Brian. 

Mondo Watkins (2020) 6’0 point guard, Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) - Known more for his ESPN Top 10 highlight dunks (https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/mondo-watkins/NLJ_YGsFEea-8KA2nzwbTA/videos.htm), Watkins has begun to bud into a true point. Shifty and nearly impossible to stay in front of with the ball in his hands. He will need two continue to work on knocking down outside shots, but for now his court vision and ability to get to the basket at will, will do. High level instinct on the defensive end, true ballhawk.

Tyrone Victor (2020) 6’9 center, Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) - Victor has a D1 body and the scholarship offers to prove it. He has been on a constant improvement curve, playing in high level NEPSAC games in the winter and high level AAU games for the past two years. The trend is his friend toward a very successful college career.  

Sammy Pinder (2021) 6’4 wing, Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) - Pinder is a disruptor on defense with is 6’10 wingspan. He has the ability to bury the open 3. Elite level rebounder and a knack for always being around the ball. Already drawing MM looks, after less than a month in the states. The Bahamian products motor is a skillset in itself. He is averaging 12ppg, 6 rpg with good shot selection and a 56% shooting percentage in the 2019 pre-season. 

Saliou Seye (2022) 6’9 forward, Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) - Seye has high major talent. A smooth athlete out of the NBA Academy in Africa. A shot blocker, who can step out and knockdown the 3. Has the chance to develop into a guy who can play, and guard 2-5.

Walt Andrews (2023) 6’4 guard, Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) - Andrews has already begun to make a name for himself as an elite athlete, with great court vision. A slasher, who uses his size and athleticism to finish at the rim or draw and kick. With an improving outside shot, and developing IQ on the defensive end. Andrews is showing HM potential already as a frosh.  

Jalen Leach (2020) 6'4, 175lbs guard, Tilton School (NH) - Senior, a smooth scoring combo guard with good size and athleticism.

Cem Kirciman (2020) 6'8, 225lbs forward, Tilton School (NH) - Senior, a highly skilled, tough and clever forward. Shoots it well. He’s got good length and athleticism.

Kevin Constant (2020)  6'2, 200lbs guard, Tilton School (NH) - Post-Grad, an athletic combo guard, tremendous defender, plays hard, puts points on the board, rebounds, makes winning plays. NCAA qualifier.

Julian Wilson (2020)  6'8, 200lbs forward, Tilton School (NH) - Post-Grad, a skilled forward who makes 3’s. Good team guy who is working to get stronger. 

Kendall Hersey (2020) 5'11, 165lbs guard, Tilton School (NH) - Post-Grad, a tough combo guard. Shoots it well, defends and works hard in the weight room.

Hollman Smith, (2020) 6’0, 165lbs guard, Tilton School (NH) - Post-Grad, a shooting guard. Just under 1300 on SAT. 3.2 GPA with many IB and AP courses. 1,000 scorer at a good high school league. Top notch, team guy with skill and strength.

Jayden Brown (2021) 6’9 forward, Tilton School (NH) - a long, athletic, skilled, smooth frontcourt player. Blocks shots, rebounds and great stroke.

Jahlil Scott (2021) 6’0 165lbs guard, Tilton School (NH) - An excellent shooting combo guard with great poise.

Torran Bosworth (2022) 6’0 175lbs, guard Tilton School (NH) - A strong shooting combo guard with bright future.

John Adams (2020) 6'8 230lbs, Wilbraham and Monson Academy (MA) -  A forward who averaged a double double last year in Class AA and was AA Honorable Mention as a junior. A lefty that plays with strength and athleticism. Team captain and High Honor Roll student. Multiple D-1 offers.

Keller Boothby (2020 PG) 6'7 195lbs forward, Wilbraham and Monson (MA) - Boothby is a shooter (48% from 3 last season with Prestonwood Christian) with the ability to handle, and he has the ability to defend in the post or on the perimeter. High Honor Roll student.

KeyShawn Collier (2020 PG)  6'3 point guard, Wilbraham and Monson (MA) -  Collier plays hard on both ends. Great nose for the ball, which gets him in the passing lanes and up for rebounds. 

Cinque Stephens (2020) 6'3 point guard, Wilbraham and Monson Academy (MA) A 2019-20 transfer, who was All State and All League in Texas at Prestonwood Christian, District MVP and averaged 19 ppg. He is fast, athletic, can shoot and can score. with the ability to play both guard positions. High Honor Roll student. Receiving interest from Ivy, Patriot, MidMajor and LowMajor colleges.

Liam Murphy (2020) 6'6 forward, Wilbraham and Monson Academy (MA) - A forward with the ability to stretch the floor and rebound. Very strong which allows him to guard in the post and on the perimeter.  High Honor Roll student.

Quion Sneed  (2020) guard, Wilbraham and Monson Academy (MA) - Sneed has great defensive ability and plays with a high motor.

Saher Williamson  (2020) 6'2 guard, Wilbraham and Monson Academy (MA) - Williamson defends at a high level and has the ability to make shots.

Kai Robinson-Allard (2021) 6'1 165lbs guard, Wilbraham and Monson Academy (MA) - A smart pure point guard who has tremendous court vision, pushes the ball well and knocks down the 3.

Deven Austin (2022) 6'3 guard, Wilbraham and Monson Academy (MA) - Austin is a combo guard with the ability to score in multiple ways.

Kyle Filipowski (2022) 6'8 195lbs forward, Wilbraham and Monson Academy (MA) - Kyle Filipowski has started his WMA career with four double-doubles in as many games. He is averaging 20+ ppg and is able to score inside and out. Holds multiple D-1 offers. 

Matt Filipowski (2022) 6'11 195lbs forward, Wilbraham and Monson Academy (MA) - Matt Filipowski has good footwork and hands, uses his size to score and block shots in the paint. He also has the ability to step out and shoot. High Honor Roll student.

Sean Seymour  (2022)  6'3 wing, Wilbraham and Monson Academy (MA) - Seymour has great athleticism and can shoot it from deep. Defends at a high level and is a good rebounding guard. 

Brian Nussbaum (2021) 6'2 shooting guard, Winchendon School (MA) - Transferred in from Westchester County, NY. Nussbaum has great footwork and quick release on his very lethal deep three shot. Very coachable and a strong student.

Conner Wilkie (2020) 6’0 205lbs guard, Winchedon School (MA) - Smart player, good shooter, good vision and unselfish. 3.8 gpa 1080 SAT.

Mason Romano (2021) 6'5 185lbs wing, Winchedon School (MA) - Athletic, versatile player who thrives in the open court setting.  Attacks the rim relentlessly.  Good vision and willing passer.  Above average defender who uses his length to disrupt opposing offenses.

Quest Harris (2020) 5'11, 175lb point guard, Worcester Academy (MA) - Lefty point guard, tough, quick, physical and leads his team. Multiple D1 offers.

Judson Martindale (2020) 6’6, 205lb forward, Worcester Academy (MA) – Martindale is an athletic wing with a great frame. He is a 3 point shooter, who plays hard, defends and rebounds, and has worked hard to improve his handle. Committed to Holy Cross.

Josh Ogundele (2020) 6'10, 260lb center, Worcester Academy (MA) - Lefty center, good post moves with both hands and a capable 3 point shooter. Improved conditioning.  Multiple HM D1 offers.

Michael Rabinovich (2020) 6'9 210lb center/forward, Worcester Academy (MA) - Late-blooming big with size and skill. He rebounds and blocks shots. Committed to Holy Cross.

Noah Semple (2020) 6'7 190 lb center/forward,  Worcester Academy (MA) - A post-grad from Florida, active and plays hard, defends and rebounds.  Improved jumper.

Leo Chaikin (2021) 6'3 175 lb guard, Worcester Academy (MA) - Chaikin is an athletic wing, who attacks in transition and is a good rebounder.  Lefty who can also really defend & rebound.  D2 offer.

Jhamyl Fricas (2021) 6'3 180lb guard, Worcester Academy (MA) - Fricas is an extremely athletic off guard. He is a shooter with emerging skill. He also plays football.

Kyle Rizy (2021) 6'8 215 lb center/forward, Worcester Academy (MA) D1 baseball player who is a smart and steady basketball player.

Daniel Becil (2022) 6'3 175lb guard, Worcester Academy (MA) – Becil is a smart guard who knows how to play, and a good shooter.

Dasonte Bowen (2022) 6'2 175lb guard, Worcester Academy (MA) – Bowen is a point guard with great vision, pace and is a highly skilled ball handler. He is a good finisher. High major offers.

Abdullah Mahamed (2022) 6'9 180lb center, Worcester Academy (MA) – Mahamed is an athletic big who runs very well, rebounds and blocks shots. He is very raw, having grown 7 inches in the past 18 months.  A-10 offer.

Gabe Pitts (2022)5'10 165 lb guard, Worcester Academy (MA) - A quick and athletic off guard, developing skill.

Kayvaun Mulready (2023) 6'1 185lb guard, Worcester Academy (MA) - Young guard but very skilled and possesses a high IQ, plays physical.

Harrison Stanwood (2023) 5'9 160 guard, Worcester Academy (MA) - Young guard who is solid with the ball and can hit open shots.



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