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Board Minutes July 08
Board members:

Attached below please find the July 7, 2008 board meeting minutes.  Please take a moment to review these minutes prior to the meeting on August 4, 2008 so they can be approved.

Thank you
Wes Malowitz

Minutes from WSA Board Meeting July 7, 2008: Meeting Called to Order 7:45 p.m.
Members in Attendance:                    Paul Rossi, Mark Gudis, Wes Malowitz, Alex Anvari, Jane Orlin, Tara Brownlee, Robby Casey, Megan Loffredo, Loren Benjamin, Val Rogers, Mickey Kydes
President’s Remarks – Paul Rossi
1.            Welcome Loren Benjamin to help w/ various issues on Travel soccer
2.            Themes and plans for 2008/09 season: Overall goal is to make playing soccer the best sports experience in Westport for players and their families:
                a.  Rec. soccer is the foundation and we need to continue to focus on and improve the rec. program.   Schedule meeting w/ MKSE, Alan Doran and Alex Anvari to discuss rec. program. Consider new Board position in charge of Tots/Rec.
                b. Education of parents - goal is to avoid misunderstanding from parents through education of the rec. travel and premier soccer process; better job marketing WSA programs; re-present Soccer Landscape in CT with Bill Whitaker.
                c. WIN – need to determine the direction to take WIN Tournament next year. 
                                1. Devote entire board meeting to WIN soon;
                                2. Need to find WIN director and treasurer
                d. Succession planning – must keep in mind the need to find and groom new Board members and bring them through the ranks.
                e. Confidentiality – stressed importance of keeping discussions at Board meeting confidential until a final decision is made on a certain issue and our message is published to the public.
3.            Rick Yu resigning as treasurer, but will stay on and do job until we have a replacement
4.            Val Rogers will stay on a co-director of Travel until a replacement is found
5.            In process of interviewing accountants and potential bookkeepers to replace or supplement treasurer role.
 Directors’  Reports:
1.            Rec. League – Alex Anvari
                Goals for 2008/09 season
a. improve competitive balance of rec. teams possibly by informally ranking players and developing teams with an even number of similarly ranked players; provide guidance to Commissioners on how to best make up the teams and not to publish rosters too early.
b. Establish rec. commissioner guidelines and meet with commissioners to set expectations for the season.
c. Would like to see expanded upper limits of rec. registration to avoid extensive waiting list depending on number of available coaches, field space and clinic space
d. Allow website use for scheduling of games
2.            Travel – Jane Orlin
                Working on getting all managers and assistant managers in place for fall 2008 season
                U12 & U14 girls’ teams have numbers issues based on player going to premier teams
                Important dates:
                July 10, 2008 – last date to accept travel roster spot w/o late penalty
                July 11, 2008 – begin calling players we have not heard from and late fee imposed
                July 15, 2008 – “drop dead” date to accept roster spot
                August 4, 2008 – travel league entry form due to SWD
August 18, 2008(?) – preseason training begins – waiting for field and coaching assignments from MKSE
August 20, 2008 (?) – Ice cream social
                August 27, 2008 – CT Cup Tournament entry forms due to SWD
                September 2, 3 or 4 – MKSE orientation night at Long Lots
                September 7, 2008 – 1st week of games
Loren Benjamin - working w/ managers to revise manager handbook and manager training including scheduling training.
3.            Program – Mickey Kydes
                Vowed to have more presence at Rec. games
                Fall Jamboree (?) – will follow up with Tara Brownlee
                Will arrange teams and assign coaches post July 15, 2008 drop dead date.
4.            Referees – Robby Casey
                2 refs going to referee camp in RI and WSA will pay tuition
                Will have a push this fall to get the ref. mentoring program up and running
                Certification process for Grade 8 refs will be online this year with only 1-2 classroom sessions
5.            Fields/Scheduling – Mary Jane Liu
                No report
6.            Equipment – Larry Berman & Wes Malowitz
                No report
7.            Special Events- Tara Brownlee
                Requested input on top two events for the year
                Will coordinate with MK for fall jamboree
                Suggested a separate position as fundraising coordinator
8.            Volunteers – Megan Loffredo
                In process of identifying where we need volunteers
Future discussion item – do we want to mandate volunteerism as a requirement to have child in WSA
                MK – suggested having a specific age group responsible for certain events
TB – proposed sending thank you notes to all volunteers possible with discount coupons or other discount cards
Other Issues Discussed:
                Double Rostering – discussion tabled for later date
                Revision of WSA By-Laws – Mike Byrne and Wes Malowitz tasked to revise WSA bylaws this fall.
Meeting adjourned at 9:27 p.m.

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President′s Letter
See you all tonight.

President's Letter August 08

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