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By Leo Jorge

Dyckman Summer League, a Nike sponsored basketball league, is one of the hottest spots for basketball in New York City. Bringing out nationally ranked talent on the high school circuit and NBA stars on the unlimited circuit, there’s no questioning the talent level in the park. NYC is the place where you either get exposure, or you get exposed. Here are our top high school performers in this year’s circuit.

Nick Richards (2017) 6’11 C, The Patrick School

Nick has a big body that was made for the pro level. He’s scary around the rim on both offense and defense. As long as Nick stays focused and continues developing his skill, he’s destined for a long career in basketball.

Isaiah Washington (2017) 6’1 PG, St. Raymond’s HS

Isaiah Washington is the definition of electrifying. There aren’t too many other people that have the capability to get a whole audience of people on their feet several times throughout a game. The game seems to come natural to Isaiah, he just needs to learn when he should capitalize on an isolation and when he should get his teammates involved. Over-dribbling is his biggest weakness but I see him eliminating that problem once he plays on a more organized stage.

Hamidou Diallo (2017) 6’6 G/F, Putnam Science Academy

Hamidou is a future pro. After playing so many games in the summer, he seemed to be a little worn out. However, it’s easy to see that he can be scary good at the next level just because of his mix of skill and outstanding athleticism. As long as he develops a more consistent jump shot and continues to play hard, there will be a lot of high level basketball in Hamidou’s future.

Keith Williams (2017) 6’5 SG, Bishop Loughlin HS

Keith is most definitely one of the most underrated prospects in the country. Towards the end of the summer he did a lot of proving. I’ve seen Keith match up with some of the nation’s best and he won the matchups without too much difficulty. He’s strong, has great size for a guard and can basically score at will. Any school that offered Keith will be lucky to land him.

Jose Alvarado (2017) 6’0 PG, Christ The King HS

Jose is a guard that just seems to always get the job done. He’s not ranked in ESPN’s top 100 but he’s won matchups with guards that are ranked top 10. As long as he finds a system that fits his game, Jose will do great things for a high level program at the next level.

Jordan Tucker (2017) 6’7 G/F, Wheeler HS (Marietta, GA)

Jordan is a high school guard that has the game of a pro. He does a great job at shooting the ball from various spots on the court and he has a wide range of NBA-like moves. It’ll be interesting to see how he develops in Georgia, Jordan Tucker can be a household name one day.

Rashond Salnave (2016) 6’2 G, Benjamin Cardozo HS – Monmouth University

Ray just seems too strong for his age. Many guards at the high school level can’t matchup with him because he over-powers them to the basket. He can definitely score the ball but being that he will be playing grown men in college, he needs to make sure his ball handling ability is better than ever. It’ll be interesting to see how he adapts to the college level.

Baba Tall (2017) 5’10 G, Liberation Prep

Baba is the definition of heart. You will never see a game where Baba isn’t playing hard. Even if it’s an isolation/NYC playground type of game, he will still give it his all. He needs to keep developing his overall skill set, but don’t sleep on Baba. He’ll surprise you. If he can develop a jump shot, he might just be really good one day.

Elvin Rodriguez (2017) 6’1 G, Forest Trail Academy

Elvin is a quick, athletic guard that can shoot the ball. He seems to have been on a mission to prove himself in the past year or two and he definitely didn’t disappoint. His explosiveness makes him hard to guard and I wouldn’t be surprised if you see him doing great things for a good Division 1 program.

Markquis Nowell (2018) 5’8 PG, Bishop Loughlin HS

Markquis is the type of player that doesn’t come around too often. There aren’t too many 5’8 kids that have enough skill to receive offers such as Georgetown. He reminds me of Erving Walker, Markquis plays like a pro. As long as he doesn’t get too caught up in the isolation game, I can see Markquis doing well in just about any system on the collegiate level.

Ja’Quaye James (2018) 5’8 PG, Teaneck HS

Ja’Quaye is a small guard that has no fear on the court. His quick handle makes it hard for bigger defenders to guard him. He’s deceptive with the ball and although I feel like he gets too caught up in his head sometimes, I still believe he can be a high level guard.

Nazreon Reid (2018) 6’9 F, Roselle Catholic HS

Nazreon is another guy that has pro written all over him. He’s extremely versatile and is built to matchup with multiple positions on just about any level. He seems to be out of shape at times which can really hurt his career. However, is Nazreon gets focused, he can play on just about any level he puts his mind to.

Shamorie Ponds (2016) 6’1 G, Thomas Jefferson HS – St. John’s University

Shamorie is super crafty. It’s tough for defenders to stay in front of him unless they are very athletic and can make up for the space that Shamorie creates. The game comes too easy for him against HS guards, I look forward to seeing how he matches up with high level college guards.

Jaquan “Kuda” Angevine (2016) 6’5 G Acorn HS - ASA College

Kuda is a guy that can be really good if he puts his mind to it. He’s very tough and can basically score at will. I would like to see him in a more organized system, hopefully ASA can mold him into the player that he has the potential to be.

Jose Perez (2017) 6’5 G/F, Wings Academy HS

Jose is a great wing guy. He’s the guy that consistently scores a quiet 30 and you put on the floor to make things happen. He has sneaky athleticism and when he’s taking good shots, he’s basically automatic.

Leondre Washington (2017) 5’11 PG, Roselle Catholic HS

Leondre is a little guard that plays with a lot of heart. He’s quick and seems to be unaffected by the competition around him, regardless of height. He’s a high level guard, there’s a reason that D1’s all over the country have him on speed dial. I hope to see great things from Leondre in the future.

Emmanuel “Buda” Egbuta (2016) 6’5 F, Westside HS – Navarro College

Buda was made for college ball since he was 16 years old. He has NBA like athleticism and strength, most wings in HS can’t hold him. JUCO was a great move for him to develop his skill, he may come out a very high level D1 wing. Buda can have many great things ahead of him as long as he lives in the gym.

Jahlil Tripp (2016) 6’5 G/F, Abraham Lincoln HS

Tripp is another guard with great size and scoring ability. He was originally commited to Rutgers but being that there was a change in the coaching staff, that situation is now a mess. I hope a good D1 gives him a chance, he’s definitely ready for that level. As long as Tripp remains focused and doesn’t lose any steps in the development process, basketball will take him to many places.

Jalen Lecque (2018) 6’4 G, Monsignor Scanlan HS

Unfortunately, Jalen tore his ACL in Dyckman. However, when he did play, it’s easy to see why his name on the rise. He’s a very athletic guard that can score the ball and was bound for this breakout, I hope Jalen has a speedy recovery and can get right back to proving that he’s a high level player.

CJ Robinson (2020) 6’2 G

CJ is way beyond his years. I don’t know what high school he will be attending but any school will be lucky to land him. I’ve seen 2016’s with D1 offers lose matchups with CJ. He still has a long way to go, a lot of can happen in four years. However, as long as he stays in the gym, CJ is bound to have a long list of options when choosing which college he wants to attend for free.

Victor Potter Jr (2018) 6’7 G/F, Monsignor Scanlan

Victor is a versatile, athletic guard that is on the rise with his other Scanlan teammates. Victor’s name really broke out this summer and he proved a lot. His size and athleticism makes him a high potential player, hopefully Victor acts on that potential.

Saquan Singleton (2017) 6’5 G/F, Monsignor Scanlan

Saquan improves every time I see him and the CHSAA “AA” should be scared. Although he’s really a combo guard, I see Saquan as a versatile guy who just makes things happen. Local D1s are all over him just like they should be and hopefully Saquan stays on this track of improvement, he may end up doing bigger things than he can dream of.

Donta Sanders (2016) 5’11 G, Satellite HS

Donta is a small guard that plays with arguably the most confidence in the whole city. If he’s knocking down shots, there’s not much you can do to stop him. There’s a reason he averaged 50 points this season, don’t sleep on him. I hope to see Donta develop a consistent lethal jumpshot, it’ll take his game to the next level.

Chauncey Hawkins IV (2017) 5’10 G, St. Joseph

Chauncey is a small guard that’s tough to stay in front of. He makes plays and is a great example of a floor general. If I was coach, I would trust Chauncey with the game winning play.

Cheick Kone (2016) 6’3 G, Monroe Campus

Cheick has a developed game, he’s ahead of the competition. Scoring and making playing on this level seems to come relatively easy to him, I hope he can do the same on the collegiate level.

Malik Mooving (2016) 5’10 G, Wings Academy HS

Malik is a small guard who some may say is very underrated. I’ve seen him drop 20+ points against high level competition, Malik can play. In a city full of high level guards, it’s easy to be overlooked. Hopefully Malik keeps working and proves that he belongs.

Baron Goodridge (2016) 5’10 G, Cardinal Hayes

Baron is the definition of a floor general. He’s a wizard with the ball and has a great understanding the game. He’s not in division 1 shape right now but I wouldn’t be surprised if his name comes up on the collegiate level, he can definitely play.

Rakym Felder (2016) 5’10 G, Abraham Lincoln HS – University of South Carolina

In my opinion, Rakym is one of the most underrated guards in the country. He’s a playmaker with great court vision. He’s short but he’s very strong which made it difficult for HS guards to stay in front of him. I look forward to seeing him prove more people wrong at USC this year.

Derren Horn (2017) 6’5 G, West Oaks Academy

Every now and then, Derren has plays that show that he’s a quiet killer. He can score the ball against high level defenders and it’s very likely that he’ll do the same thing on a Division 1 team. If he gets in to Division 1 shape, he’ll be a great wing for a good school.

Tyrone Cohen (2016) 6’5 G/F, Christ The King HS – Holy Cross

Tyrone just goes out there and plays. He’s athletic which makes him a great defender and scorer in the lane. He has a lot to work on but he seems to have a great understanding of the game which puts a huge boost on the process. Nothing can stop him from doing great things at Holy Cross besides himself. 


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