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Rumble in The Bronx 17u


By Brett Wilson, Drew Wolin, Emma Yavel, Juliette Ferraro and Tysen Caneveri

​The summer between a college prospect's junior and senior year is often the biggest opportunity to get noticed by the college scouts who are becoming quite focused on their program's specific needs. So we were excited to see a bunch of talented 2016's get to mix it up with the 2015's in the Rumble 17u division.

Emmanuel Chukwu (2016) 6'9 Forward, Rye Country Day School (NY) - AAU Team: NY Jayhawks. Chukwu needs to get stronger and add muscle to his frame. Plays his school ball in the college prospect-heavy Fairchester Athletic Association, prep school league. Combining that experience with his size, should lead to a Div 1 uniform somewhere.  He needs to get in better condition. Shows some offensive skills and is a good rebounder.

Steve Ferebee (2016) 6'6  Forward,  Absegami HS-Mays Landing (NJ) AAU Team: Ocean Elite (Coach Edward Goodman)​ - long body. Stretch 4 type. He can tip it in, take the jump shot, hit the “3’s,” dunk – anything to get the ball in the net. In addition to racking up the points for his team, he snags rebounds. . Ferebee has the height, the athletic ability and academic discipline making him D-1 material and he should not go unseen by any collegiate level recruiter.

Rickardo Byfield (2015) 6'4 Forward, All Hallows HS-Bronx  - Ability to run the floor and rebound. Is capable of finishing at the basket and shows the willingness to learn.  

Kashif Davis (2015) 6'9 Center, Cardinal Hayes HS-Bronx  - Average post player. Long wing span and reach. Quick feet. Has good range at 10ft.  Can finish at the basket and at times can play above the basket. Average footwork. Fair rebounder. Can block shots.

Stephen Arosowegba (2015) 6'5 Forward, Cardinal Hayes HS-Bronx  AAU Team: New Heights  - Very athletic. Good body control. Explosive leaper. Fast and can run the floor on both ends.  Can finish at the basket and can play above the basket. Average footwork. Fair rebounder. Can block shots.

Chris Middleton (2015) 6'5 Forward, Cardinal Hayes HS-Bronx - Average shooter. Can hit the mid range shot. Needs to become a better one on one defender

George Cristaff (2015) 5'9 Point Guard, Nazareth HS-Brooklyn- Fast with and without the ball. Good passer. Good basketball IQ. Pesky defender. Needs to become a better shooter and get stronger

Stefon Bryan (2015) 6'7  Forward, Kellenberg Memorial HS-Uniondale (NY) - Good post player. Runs the floor and shows some athletic ability. Shot blocker Needs to become a better passer and shooter at the 15-20 feet range.  

Randy Corporan (2015) 5'9 Point Guard, Wings Academy-Bronx - Tough player. Plays with a chip and attitude. Good passer. Can penetrate and push the tempo. Willingness to play defensive. Needs to become a better shooter.

Darryl Williams 5'7 (2015) 5'7  Point Guard, Kennedy HS-Queens AAU TeamCM3 -  Speed and energy. Ability to make a difference at the High School level. Good instincts. Has big moments as shooter. He can definitely hit the open 3pt shot and has good range and the guts to take the shot. Darryl has quick feet. Can make eye catching defensive plays due to quick reflex.

Markus Wilson (2016) Point Guard, Kennedy HS-Bronx AAU Team: Harlem United (Coach Rashid Najeeullah) - - good point guard with better than average skills. Can shoot the 3 ball at a high percent. Nice mid range pull up jump shot. Left handed point guard that can keep defenders off balance.  Knows how to play the pick and roll game and will deliver a good pass. Good IQ for the game. Very relaxed and  poised  player.

Myles Patten (2016)  Wing,  St. Anthony HS (NJ)  -  can shoot the ball. Can make his 3pt shots and pull up shot. Good transition player. Improving his dribbling skills and ability. Good body type and size for his position. Good prospect

Sid Wilson (2017)  6'6 Forward, St. Raymond's HS-Bronx AAU Team: New Heights (Coach Chris Alesi) - real deal player. Complete skill set. Shoot well can pass and create with the dribble.  Athletic and plays  above the basket. Will get rebounds and catch dunks. Still needs to develop a stronger body. Top NYC college prospect for sure.

Tyler McShea (2016)  6'4 Power Forward, Donovan Catholic HS (NJ) AAU TeamOcean Elite (Coach Ed Goodman) - Very high academic student. strong and physical player. Good rebounder who works very hard to get his position. Runs the floor from end to end. Needs to get into better shape.  Needs to continue to work on his agility and vertical jump

Riley Collins (2016) 5'10 Guard, Donovan Catholic HS (NJ) AAU TeamOcean Elite (Goodman)  - plays real big. Very confident scorer. Shoots the 3pt shot better than 40%

Akeen Adams (2016) 6’2”  Guard, Thomas Jefferson (Brooklyn) (2017)  AAU Team: Harlem United (Najeeullah) -  Shooter with a "sneaky bounce" according to teammates.  Spot up shooter, knocks down his FTs. Improving motor.

Mike Boice (2016)  6'0 Guard, Donovan Catholic HS (NJ) - AAU TeamOcean Elite (Goodman) - tough guard. Can play physical and uses his body well. Average shooter with good offensive presence.

Elijah Wilson (2016)  6'2 Guard, Suffield Academy (CT) AAU TeamThe Rens  - hustle player. Will do what it takes. Nice defensive player.  Good speed in transition.

Tyrigue Jones (2015)  6'9 Center, Vermont Academy (VT) - AAU Team: The Rens - big and strong. Knows how to get it done in the post. Can be a defensive stopper. Needs to be hardcore on offense.

Sam Friday (2015) 6'7 Forward, Hudson Catholic HS (NJ) AAU Team: Sports U - good inside post player. Rebounding machine. Needs more explosive moves and needs to demand the ball more on the offensive end.

Max Mahoney (2015) 6'7 Forward, Ridge HS (NJ) AAU TeamSports U - good footwork.  Can guard nicely on the perimeter at his height.  Shows agility and good lateral movement. Will show you some nice offensive moves.

Shavar Reynolds 6'0 (2015)  Swing, Manchester HS (NJ) AAU TeamOcean Elite (Goodman)  - rebounding guard. Loves going to the rim. Shoots the 3pt shot with confidence.  More than able defender. Can guard position 1 thru 4.

Ryan Preston (2015) 6'7 Forward, South Shore HS-Brooklyn AAU TeamThe Rens  -  strong athletic player. Moves well and plays high above the rim. Finishes well. Good rebounder.

Mustapha Heron (2016) 6'5 Swing, Sacred Heart HS-Waterbury (CT) AAU TeamThe Rens  - a highly regarded player in CT. Had committed to Pitt as a sophomore, but then de-committed as a junior. Hard working defender. Good offensive moves. More than adequate with his dribble, playmaker. 

Kai Mitchell (2015) 6'6 Forward, Spring Valley HS (NY) AAU TeamThe Rens - This Iona College commit is built like a brick house. Will give you both offensive and defensive boards. Starts the early transition with his dribble of the defensive rebound.

Tyrone Cohen (2016) 6'4 Forward, Christ The King HS-Middle Village (NY) AAU Team: The Rens- left handed shooter.  Will catch and shoot and shoot off the dribble. Still becoming a better defender.

Tyrin Flowers (2016) 6'8 Forward, Sacred Heart School-Waterbury (CT)  AAU TeamThe Rens - smooth kind of player. Can go to the basket and score with ease because of his reach. Can shoot the ball. Has agility. Sacred Heart is so loaded with college prospects, they need to switch out of the CIAC Class S and switch into a Prep School league for better match-ups.

Opong Bramble (2016) 6'6 Forward, Brunswick School-Greenwich (CT) AAU Team: The Rens - This big prep schooler is strong in the paint.  Will fight hard for good position. Offensively a sound player with more than adequate talent.

Clive Allen (2016) 6'2 Guard, Cardinal Hayes HS-Bronx AAU Team: NY Jayhawks (Coach Jay David) - solid with his play. Can score and run in transition. Will give you constant effort.

Jamel Horton (2016)  6'3 Guard, Holy Cross HS-Flushing (NY)  - very good shooter. Good 1 on 1 defender. Improving his play at the point.

Joey Carroll (2016) 6'3 Guard, Ramsey HS (NJ)  - good shooter.  Needs to continue to get better on defense. Good basketball IQ.

Rheaquone Taylor (2016)  6'7 Forward, Cordia HS (KY) class 2016 - very athletic. Great rebounder. Can finish at the basket. Decent 15ft shot.

Gallando Misse (2015) 6'7 Forward, Roselle Catholic HS (NJ) AAU TeamSports U - real good skills and good defensive potential. Can be a good defensive rebounder. Needs to look for his offense.

Pedro Martinez (2016) 6'2 Guard, Cardinal Hayes HS-Bronx - reliable shooter. Can hit the 3pt shot from any spot with good range. Needs to become a better defender.

Baron Goodridge (2016)  5'11 Point Guard, Cardinal Hayes HS-Bronx  - AAU Team: New Heights (Alesi) - a point guard that can lead his team. Effective with the dribble and good passer. Needs to get stronger with his weak hand dribble.

Justin Batiz (2016)  6'2 Guard, Kennedy HS- Queens AAU Team: Brooklyn Promenade  - good shooter. Can come off the screen or create his shot. Needs to get better as a defensive player. 

Spencer Cook (2016) 6'0 Point Guard, Washington Township HS (NJ)  AAU Team: South Jersey All Stars (Coach Tom Gussen)-  Knows how to get everyone involved.  Can shift gears and play fast or slow. Good leadership qualities.  Will make his shots.

Austin Kearney (2016) 6'4  Forward, Gloucester County Christian School (NJ) AAU Team: South Jersey All Stars (Gussen) - solid post player. Moves well in and around the post area. Will give you good offensive production. Will hustle and play hard. Good rebounder.

Jamar Brown (2016)  6'9 Forward,  Wings Academy-Bronx  AAU Team: Harlem United (Najeeullah)   - good physical post player.  Strong rebounder with good footwork.  Can score at the basket. 

Ezariah Sykes (2016) 6'8 Forward, Millwood HS (VA) - can run and jump. Good in transition. Effective rebounder. Can shoot the mid range shot. Good on defense. 

Anthony Miller (2015) 5'11 Guard, Wilbur Cross HS-New Haven (CT) AAU Team: CT Elite - plays good defense. Can control the game and make open shots.  Effective player and create for others.

John Lewis (2015) 6'0 Guard, Hill House-New Haven HS (CT) AAU Team: CT Elite - attacks the basket and scores in multiple ways. Athletic with a good jump shot. Will play hard and defend.

Troy Waters (2015) 6'1 Guard, Hill House-New Haven HS (CT) AAU Team: CT Elite - shoots the ball good. Better 3pt shooter than mid range.  Will give you some rebounds.

Nysier Brooks (2016) 6'10  Center, Life Center HS (NJ) - big upside. The kind of player that can anchor your front line. Will rebound and block shots. Can score down low

Jahmerikah Green-Younger (2016) 6’2 Guard, Brien McMahon HS-Norwalk (CT) AAU Team: High Rise (Coach Bobby Spezzano)  JG-H has a very nice game.  He is a great complimentary player who can score, rebound, or make that nice pass to the cutter.  He has exceptional ups and a desire to get better with each run up the floor.  The more he played the more we liked his game.  Plays in the tough FCIAC conference in CT

Adam Traore (2015)  6'5 Wing, Hudson Catholic HS (NJ) AAU Team: Long Island Lightning - good perimeter player. Can play the point forward position. Can dribble and pass well.

Nehemiah Boone (2016) 6'0 Guard, Boys & Girls HS-Brooklyn  AAU Team: Harlem United (Najeeullah) - combo guard that can get to the paint or find his jump shot. Good in the Open court.

Malek White (2016) 6'1 Point Guard, George Wythe HS (VA) - athletic guard that can score. Shoots the ball with good efficiency.  Will play above the basket. Good floor general.

Jeremaine Matthew (2016) 6'8 Forward, Millwood HS (VA)  - strong on the boards. Can score inside and has nice movement. Good defender.

De Andre Williams (2016) 6'4 Guard, Bayside HS-Melrose Park ( NY) AAU Team: NY Vipers (Coach Larry Paschal) - An outstanding player all around for the Vipers. This young man can just about do it all – from shooting to accurately to driving the ball when necessary. He has a solid jump shot and gets the ball frequently. Knows how to finish the shot.

Ryan Long (2016) 6'2 Guard, Averill Park HS-Sissonville (NY) AAU Team: City Rock (Coach Timothy Moseman) - This young man is a scholar athlete – maintaining a sparking 3.7 GPA while playing competitive basketball. He certainly brings it to the court – with utmost determination and some serious drive to win – while also highly focused on his academic standing in the classroom. 

Jameson Morton (2016) 5'8 Point Guard, Onteora HS- Shandaken (NY) AAU Team: Dream To Achieve (Coach Greenstein) - Morton is another phenomenal point guard. Although not a huge shooter, he carries and moves the ball well. He brings the ball down court and has the ball handling skills to make a quick pass around opponents. He’s verbal and allows great communication between his teammates.

Mike Alert (2017) Combo Guard,  Hudson Catholic HS (NY) AAU Team: Dream To Achieve (Greenstein) - Alert is more than alert on the court. He’s quick on his feet and is a team player. He sees the ball and anticipates the play. When a teammate is down, he is the first to help him back up.

Caleb Canty (2016) Point Guard, National Prep (GA) AAU Team: Dream to Achieve (Greenstein) - Canty is a very skilled point guard. He has great handle and passing ability. Canty has a solid outside shooting game but he is dynamic in transition and in the pick and roll.

Kimedrick Murphy (2017) 6'6 Forward, Hudson Catholic HS (NJ) AAU Team: Dream To Achieve (Greenstein) - This youngster doesn’t look like one to say the least. The tallest man on the court, Murphy can grab just about anything at the the rim, he gets a hand on long range passes and is always ready with a smack down block on defense. This player won’t be sought after for only his height, but his ability on court too.

Andrai Bailey (2016) 6'4 Wing, Kingston HS (NY) AAU Team: Dream to Achieve (Greenstein) - Bailey is a long smooth wing with a great outside shot. He is also a very good rebounder and can guard bigger players when needed. Bailey also runs the floor and excels in transition.

Ryan Pittman (2015) 6'0 Point Guard, Bunnell HS-Stratford (CT) AAU Team: The System Basketball Club (Coach Mike Hvizdo) Although Pittman is one of our older prospects, he cannot go unheard of.  He’s a man who can do it all and leads his team. Pittman is a pit bull on defense as well as offense with a large, muscular build.

Shavar Reynolds (2016) 6'1 Guard, Manchester HS-Lakehurst (NJ) AAU Team: Ocean Elite (Coach Edward Goodman). This player has some serious aggression on the court. Reynolds takes to the paint to make the dunk while being double-teamed. He holds the ball with a firm grip when it’s in his possession and keeps the ball low when dribbling.

Championship day at Ardsley was definitely an eventful one. It was one of the most nail biting/exciting tournaments we have seen this season. We would like to give our special recognition to the Ocean Elite 17u team, coached by Mr. Edward Goodman. This young team was among the most unified, talented, respectful, clean-playing, and well-rounded team our recruiters have seen all season. A shout out to Mr. Goodman is well deserved for beautifully coaching his squad!

Riley Collins (2016) 6'1 Guard, Donovan Catholic HS-Lanoka Harbor (NJ) AAU Team: Ocean Elite (Goodman). With a sparkling 4.0 perfect GPA, Mr. Collins brings his intelligence onto the court –dictating each and every point for his team. He communicates well for his teammates, showing true leadership. Is not the primary shooter but creates opportunity for his teammates to score. He is not a selfish player.

David Lunn (2016) Swing, Pinelands Regional HS-Little Egg Harbor (NJ) AAU Team: Ocean Elite (Goodman). This young man is extremely aggressive to the ball and was extremely fired up on championship day at Ardsley! This aggression is highly desirable, especially in this high-steak finale.

Jeffrey Merchant (2016) 6'5 Forward, Horace Greeley HS-Chappaqua (NY) AAU Team: FS Sports (Coach Brad Ceisler) This young man moves well on the floor and has a very large wingspan. He snags all rebounds for his team. Merchant is an amazing guy off the court – team player – an overall athlete. CAN DUNK!!!

Matt Redhead (2016) 6'5 Forward, Fox Lane-Mt Kisco (NY) AAU Team: FS Sports (Ceisler) Great defender – really keeps the other team on their toes. Phenomenal athlete all around! Great guy off the court as well. Great shooter from the outside!

Rojaye Campbell (2016) 6'10 Center,  Long Island Lutheran HS (NY) AAU Team: NY Jayhawks (Coach Jay David) - a force in the middle. Tremendous upside. Rebounds and has nice big-man moves. 

Rakym Felder (2016) 6'0 Point Guard, St. Patrick's (NJ) AAU Team: Juice All Stars (Coach Kyleek Alford)  - Very strong point guard.  Plays tough. Can get into the lane and attack the basket. Good with the pass.

Cori Johnson (2015) 6'7 Forward,  South Shore HS-Brooklyn AAU Team: Juice All Stars (Alford) - good rebounder. Moves well. Better than average offensive moves. 

Dandre McLamb (2016)  6'3 Forward, Seward Park HS-NYC  AAU Team Harlem United (Najeeullah)   - Elite athleticism. Good midrange shooter. Respectable 3 pt shot .Lock down defender!

Ray Jerome (2016) 6'4 Guard,  Cheshire Academy (CT) AAU Team: NY Jayhawks (Coach Jay David) -  Strong player  with real good 3 point range. Real good motor and great academic student. Will get offers.

Mamadou Diarra (2016) 6'8 Forward, Woodstock Academy  (CT) AAU Team:  NY Jayhawks (David)  - Great player  and will always play hard. Quick leaping ability. Good jumping. Can play aroung 10-12 from the basket. Great shot blocker and help defender. Top 100 ESPN player going to UConn after a PG year at Woodstock.

Hamidou Diallo (2017) 6'5 Guard, Woodstock Academy (CT) AAU Team:  NY Jayhawks (David) - Can drive to the rack. Good athlete who can jump. Good defender good shooter. Getting high offers Top 30 ESPN Player

Jaheam Cornwall (2016) 6'0 Point Guard,  Francis Lewis HS-Fresh Meadows (NY) AAU Team:  NY Jayhawks (David) - Knows how to pass the rock. Good passer. More capable of hitting his open shots. Can score the ball

Gerald Blount (2016) 6'8 Forward, Pomfret School (CT)  AAU Team: NY Jayhawks (David) - Great athletic ability.  Can finish around the paint and at the basket.  Good basketball IQ. Good student. Will get interest .

Jose Martinez (2016)  6'9 Forward,  Long Island Lutheran HS (NY) AAU Team: NY Jayhawks (David) - Can be stretch forward because of his shooting ability and range. Can really shoot it deep. Good skilled player. Needs to get stronger. Can play some defense inside the 3pt arch.  


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