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2015 Funsport Classic at SSHS

By Brett Wilson

South Shore High School, Brooklyn  The Fun Sport Under Armour High Basketball Classic was definitely the place to be this weekend. Plenty of prospects were here to showcasing their talents. Super action and tough competition.  

Standout Players:

Friday 05/29, Day 1

Jahlil Tripp 6'5 (2015) small forward Lincoln HS  Coach Kenny Prelow -  good on the offensive boards. Not afraid to battle to get the rebound. Can shoot the ball and can set you up for the drive to the basket

Ryan Preston 6'6 (2015) small forward South Shore HS - solid frame.  Strong player that can hold his position in the paint. Can be a force. Displays good athletic habits.

Dontel Henry 6'3  (2015) combo guard Brooklyn Collegiate HS - excels in transition. Will surprise you with his passing and jump shot.

Justin Wright-Foreman 6'0 (2015) point guard Construction HS  - good point guard on his way to Hofstra. Quick and can do it all. Pass shoot and dribble. A triple threat player that can also defend.

Matthew Berry 5'11 (2015) point guard Queens Academy TX  - good all around point guard. Will defend full court. Knows how to run his team. Makes the right play

Dever Craton 6'6 (2015) small forward Thomas Jefferson HS - good footwork. Shot selection is good. Consistent outside shooter. Can finish at the basket.

Davon Dillard 6'5 (2015) small forward Our Savior New American School  Coach Ron Stelzer - strong to the basket. Can play at and above the rim. Plays hard. Can rebound. Athletic player going to California Berkeley.

Jaquan Lightfoot 6'7 (2016) forward Boys & Girls HS Coach Ruth Lovelace - solid player. Plays taller than his size. Can dominant for stretches during the game. Good skills for his size.

Rashond Salvave 6'2 (2016) combo guard Cardozo HS Coach Ron Naclario - very versatile player. Plays with guts. Can impact the game passing and scoring. All City player.

Ibu Smith 6'3 (2016) small forward Summit Academy - undersized player down low but willing to play the post for his team. Can be effective with his scoring ability.

Eric Massengale 6'4 (2016) small forward Jefferson HS - nice midrange shot. Protects the ball when driving to the basket. Average Passer and dribbler.

Chris Efreruei 7'0 (2017) center Park School (Buffalo NY) - good defensive player. Shot blocker and rebounder. Can run the floor. Can get good post position.

Jordan  Nwora 6'7 (2016) wing player Park School (Buffalo NY) - good shooter. Can handle the ball. Makes good decisions. All around good player.

Deante Bridgett 5'4 (2016) point guard Jefferson HS - point guard that shows no fear. Average Passer but can make the difficult pass. Good on defense.

Cori Johnson 6'7 (2015) post player  South Shore HS - good footwork in and around the basket. Good back to the basket player. Aggressive rebounder. Good with his second attempts. 

Saturday 5/30, Day 2 

Nick Richard 6'10 (2017) center Patrick School (NJ) -  big time player. Strong on defense. Runs the floor and gets deep post position on offense. Good movement around the basket. Crashes the boards.

Zach Keller 6'5 (2016) small forward Seton Hall Prep (NJ) Coach Williams - fundamental player. Does everything well. Can space the floor with his shooting and passing ability. Strong academic student. Will get some Ivy league interest. Star QB being recruited for football.

Stephen Ferraro 6'0 (2016) point guard Seton Hall Prep (NJ) Coach Williams- sees the floor. Good Passer. Knows how to play. Will feed his post players and find the open man. Good handle and shot. Strong academic student.

Quamain Nelson 6'5 (2016) forward Fairfield School (SC) Coach Smith - runs good end to end. Works hard to get good position. Goes up strong to the hoop.

Sean Barksdale 6'3 (2016) small forward Lakewood HS (NJ)  Coach Homes - slender body type but doesn't mind fighting for a rebound. At times will guard one without any help. Average offensive skills.

Marquis Bell 5'11 (2016) guard Trenton Catholic (NJ) Coach Fred - chunky body for a guard but has some offensive skills to play the point. Can handle the ball and will play some defense.

Ryshon Barnes 6'4 (2016) forward Lakewood HS (NJ) Coach Homes - effective in the post. Can  be effective on the boards. Will establish good position. Nice drop step moves to the basket.

Markus Wilson 6'1 (2016) Kennedy HS - Bronx, Coach Mathis -  extension of his coach. Very posed and plays under control. Good shooter. Good Passer. Good handle

Jahmel Broderick 6'7 (2015) forward Our Savior Lutheran - Bronx, Coach Adam - runs hard and plays hard. Solid post player. Double-double type of player in the making at the college level.

Jaquan McMennon 5'10 (2015) point guard Thomas Jefferson HS - Brooklyn, Coach Pollard - good Passer that gets everyone involved. Is able to hit the 3pt shot. Can push the tempo. Left handed with good ball skills.

Donovan Adams 5'9 (2015) point guard Lab Museum HS- NYc, Coach Newman - likes to get out in transition. Can be a scorer. Average Passer. Just a flat out player

Hakeem Slue-Brown 6'4 (2015) forward Marist High (NJ) Coach Brooks - good hands. Catches the ball well and goes strong to the hoop.

Kyle Allman 6'3 (2015) guard Construction High, Coach Semper - good shooter and nice follow through. Nice change of speed with his dribble.

Joel Boyce 6'3 (2016) guard Springfield HS - Queens, Coach Buono - strong handle. Can take contact and keep his dribble alive. Knows how to set up his teammates and attack when necessary.

Malik Muldrop 6'4 (2015) small forward Lindenwold High (NJ) Coach Brown - nice shooting skills. Long wingspan allows him to create separation for his shot and guard on the perimeter.

Myles Patten 6'3 (2015) small forward St. Anthony Hig (NJ) Coach Hurley - good transition player. Not afraid to be a shooter or attack the basket. Patten is a Team USA Basketball selection.

Jason Primus 6'4 (2015)  forward Lincoln High - Brooklyn, Coach Kenny Pretlow - better than average rebounder. Good footwork. Knows how the use his body to get the rebound. Can finish a play.

Isiah Deas 6'6 (2015)  forward Thomas Jefferson High - Brooklyn, Coach Pollard - ability to handle the ball against pressure. Can hit the 3pt shot. Will extend the defense because of his offensive skills. 

Cahiem Brown 6'4 (2016) forward St. Raymond- Bronx, Coach Lopez - finishes strong at the basket. Good rebounder. Can battle tough on the boards against bigger players.

Yaradyah Evans 6'7 (2016) forward Van Arsdale High, Coach Thornhill - good range on his 3pt shot. Good defender. Can block shots.

Emmanuel Lowe 6'8 (2016) r forward Winslow Township High (NJ) Coach Ingram - quick leapers. Can rise above the rim. Work hard for good position.

Ray Young 5'5 (2015) guard CCTS High (NJ) Coach Rob Sweeney - tough on the ball defender. Will fight over the screen. Pass first shoot second guard.

Opong Bramble 6'6 (2016) forward Brunswick School - Greenwich, Coach Taylor - average rebounder. Will give you second chance points and put backs. He is always around the basket.

Elijah Bush 6'5 forward Upper Room School - Dix Hills, NY - better than average post player. Will make a game changing play with his efforts. Good post defender.

Quinton Bush 6'6 (2015) forward Upper Room School - Dix Hills, NY - attacks the basket with authority. Goes after the rebound with both hands. Keeps the ball high. Hustle on every play. Good post moves and good defender.

Amir Tyler 5'11 (2016) guard Lakewood High (NJ) - average shooter. Not afraid to be attack mode. Will give you good minutes on defense.

Kimani Lawrence 6'5 (2017) forward Cushing Academy (MA) - will take the 3pt shot and make it. Some athletic ability which gets him to the basket.

Rakym Felder 6'0 (2016) point guard St. Patrick's (NJ) Coach Chris Cahavves - hardcore point guard. Strong body that can take physical play and contact. Can make a big play. Good Passer.

Oscar Ikechuwa 6'11 (2016)  forward St. Benedict Prep (NJ) - plays vertical on defense and will hinder your shot. Average rebounder with good foot speed. Can turn and face and find the cutter.

Tyler Bourne 5'4 (2018) point guard Lincoln High - Brooklyn Coach Kenny Pretlow - small in size but a good shooter. Not afraid to take big shots. Nice floor general. Good dribbler and Passer.

Ezekiel Charles 6'3 (2015) guard Lincoln High - Brooklyn  Coach Kenny Prelow - good defender on the perimeter. Decent shooter.

Nosakhare Onabok 6'3 (2015) guard Northside Charter High - Brooklyn, Coach Samantha - good shooter off the dribble. Knows how to play defense and can handle the ball.

Asaph Charles 6'6 forward Edward Murrow High - Brooklyn - quick off his feet. Will block shots in the post. Catches the ball in traffic. Can fill the passing Lane with his reach.

Gerald Williams 6'3 (2016) small forward Westinghouse High - Brooklyn,  Coach Kelley's high riser can finish with the best of them. Plays with high energy. Works hard on both ends.

Sunday, 5/31 Day 3 Championship Day. It's all about the chip.

Jose Martinez 6'9 (2016) forward Long Island Lutheran, Coach Buck - shows good moves in the post. Can play tough in the post. Ability to turn and pivot and use his weak hand. Can step out to the 3pt line. Nice outside shot.

Danny Cabassa 6'7 (2017) Holderness School (NH)  - good athletic ability. Quick to the basket. Will develop into a versatile player.

Davonte Green 6'2 (2016) guard Long Island Lutheran,  Coach Buck - good shooter. Can put up points quickly. Should be able to develop into a consistent scorer.

Jovan Bellamy 6'7 (2015)  forward Wingate High - Brooklyn - tough inside defender. Constantly moving on offense. Sets solid screens and gets good high low post position.

Samson George 6'7 (2017) forward The Patrick School (NJ) - strong and athletic. Will outwork most players. Tough competitor. Will always battle for rebounds. Plays above the basket. Good offensive and defensive skills.

Elijah Bailey 6'2 (2015) guard Long Island Lutheran, Coach Buck -  athletic and shoots well. Quick player with good ball skills. Gets in the lane and to the basket.

Philmon Gabrehiwet 6'7 (2017) forward New Mission School (MA) - combo wing player. Nice offensive skills. Great size to guard perimeter players.

Sam Idowu 6'7 (2015) forward Lafayette HS -Brooklyn - active player. Shoots the 3 ball with ease off the dribble and with a defender on him. Natural scoring ability. 

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