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2010 8th Grade A Team

Nicholas Allam   Kyle Cornell   Bradley McCarthy    
Andrew Barnard   Dillon Fitzpatrick Jimmy McKee    
Augustus Bolton   James Graham   Sam Meyjes    
Dylan Carruthers Henry Hobbs   Glen Moore    
Tommy Cleary   Phillip Huffard   John Reed    
Christian Cochran   Owen Koorbusch Carter Watt    
Michael Colon   Peter Lindley   Thomas Watters    
            Steven Yowan    

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  Date Time Location Opponent W/L/T GF GA  
  Sun 06/13/2010  12:30p  New Haven Yale           
  Sun 06/13/2010  9:00a  New Haven Yale  Greenwich         
   0 win, 0 loss and 0 tie  

  Date Time Location Opponent W/L/T GF GA  
  Sun 05/23/2010  9:00a  Kings Point,  Manhasset         
  Thu 05/20/2010  6:30p  Greenwich GHS  Greenwich Senior 8A *  W  5  3   
Show game details Sun 05/16/2010  9:00a  Kings Point,  Ridgewood  W  8  3   
  Fri 05/14/2010  7:15p  New Canaan Dunning  New Canaan Senior 8 RED *  W  4  2   
  Sun 05/09/2010  3:30p  Darien DHS Stadium  Wilton 8A *  W  10  5   
Show game details Sun 05/09/2010  11:00a  Kings Point,  FLG  L  1  7   
  Sat 05/08/2010  3:30p  Darien DHS Oval  Bronxville Senior 7/8 *  W  12  7   
  Mon 05/03/2010  6:30p  Darien DHS Stadium  Greenwich Senior 8A *  W  5  3   
  Sun 05/02/2010  3:30p  Darien DHS Stadium  Ridgefield Senior 8A Black *  W  12  7   
  Sat 05/01/2010  9:30a  Fairfield Ffld  Wakeman Senior White *  W  8  3  Results sent to newspapers
  Sun 04/18/2010  10:00a  Kings Point,  Garden City         
  Sun 03/28/2010  11:30a  Kings Point,  Long Island Outlaws         
   8 wins, 1 loss and 0 tie 65  40   

  Date Time Location Opponent W/L/T GF GA  
  Sat 05/22/2010  1:45p  New Canaan Dunning  Ridgewood         
  Sat 05/22/2010  12:00p  New Canaan Dunning           
  Sat 04/24/2010  12:05p  Amherst U. Mass-  8th Grade B         
  Sat 04/17/2010  2:00p  Chatham Cougar           
   0 win, 0 loss and 0 tie  

Season record of 8 wins and 1 loss with 0 tie.

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