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by posted 05/18/2020

Dear KLA Frog Nation,

Coach Tom here, we hope you are all staying safe and healthy during these strange times. Today Monday May 18th, was projected as our first day of the KLA swim season. Now, obviously there is no KLA practice this week and many things in our lives have changed, yet we remain very hopeful. The GSSSL Board, KLA Board, and League coaches are working hard to gather best practices and safely begin our season when we get the signal that allows us to start. 

KLA is an incredibly special place of community, friendship, fitness, and social connectedness. Our kids and families would benefit enormously from having an exciting and mindfully safe KLA swim season. All kids 5-18 are invited join. Furtermore, the latest research has clearly shown youth are the least likely to get infections and the CDC has stated swim pools show no evidence for catching the virus.

We have prepared a fun motivational Pre-Season Pump video for you to watch. ENJOY!


At the end, each Frog family or groups of Frog families are invited to record themselves doing the KLA Team Cheer. Post it to Facebook and tag Tom Schutte and Klahaya. We want to gather them all and create a montage of clips into one exciting Team Cheer video by the end of this week!

Cheer lyrics:

Ew saw saw sa

Ew saw saw sa

hit 'em in the head with a big kielbasa.

Put 'em in a barrel

Roll ‘em down the street.

Klahaya Swim Team

Cannot be beat!


Furthermore, dryland strength development can help a huge amount. Here is our KLA Strength Challenge:

20 Minutes Race Continuous- As Many Rounds as Possible!!

3 Burpees (one push-up and quick transition to vertical jump)
4 Squat Jumps (squat down, jump vertical into streamline)
5 Push-ups (basic good straight body form)
6 Jump Lunges (lunge forward and transition jump to opposite side)
7 Exploding Abs (standard sit-up, then streamline vertical at the top of the crunch)


Let me know if you have any questions. Go Frogs!!

Coach Tom Schutte

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2020 Meet Schedule
by posted 02/10/2020

Dear KLA Frog Nation,

Coach Tom here, I hope you are all doing very well these days. I wanted to pass along our exciting 2020 KLA Meet schedule for your summer calendar planning. We are looking forward to another fun and exciting season of Frog action. Let me know if you have any questions. Roll Frogs!

2020 KLA Meet Schedule

Thursday 6/25                   KLA at WW

Tuesday 6/30                     VR at KLA*

Tuesday 7/7                        KLA at BR

Thursday 7/9                      SB at KLA*

Tuesday 7/14                     KLA at SP

Thursday 7/16                    AC at KLA*

Tuesday 7/21                     IA at KLA***

Friday 7/24                         B-Champs

Monday 7/27                     Girls Prelims

Tuesday 7/28                     Boys Prelims

Thursday 7/30                   Northern Division Championships

Tuesday 8/4                        GSSSL All City Championships

Coach Tom

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