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18U deadlines
by posted 06/28/2020

The season is still on track with games to begin in September.  We have some important deadlines and requirements for 18U players.


  1. Registration/deposit - July 1st
  2. USAH# - July 1st
  3. SafeSport - July 15th
  4. PHL Zero Tolerance - July 15th


If you have alredy completed registration and paid your deposit, thank you!.  If you have not already done so, please finalize your player registration using the link below.   We will be holding on ice evals at the beginning of July and players that have not made deposits will be dropped from the roster.




Once USAH# is obtained the family member will need to update player profiles on the CMO website

  • login/edit my account from the left side menu
  • click on the name of the player, coach, manager that needs to be updated
  • enter the 2020-2021 USAH# at the bottom of the page
  • click the green submit button
    • there can short delay from the time you purchase the USAH# and it can be validated on the CMO website – if you get an error please give it at least 5 minutes and try again.  There are also some situations where the USAH number may not validate due to a suffix or special character in the name.  If you have trouble with those please email me.


USAH SafeSport

  • All 18U players (2002 & 2003 birth year) must complete SafeSport for the upcoming season before they can be added to the official team roster
  • https://www.usahockey.com/safesporttraining
  • This certificate can take 3-5 days to validate once completed



All teams playing in the PHL will have additional zero tolerance forms required.  There are 2 versions of the form 1 for all coaches/managers & 1 for  all players/parents




  • electronic registration using SportEngine
  • USAH# is needed
  • program name field:  "Central Mass Outlaws 18U"
  • registration selection:  "Zero Tolerance Form - Player/Parent"
  • PLEASE forward you the email confirmation to Coach Gallagher 
  • players that have not completed a zero tolerance form and are subject to any disceplinary process during the season will have additional penalties assessed to them

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