We are a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to teaching boys and girls the sport of lacrosse. We facilitate opportunities for them to participate in local sporting events, competitions and programs that are positive and developmental.

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April 25th games are at Newburyport
by posted 04/13/2021

Ok sorry for the email spam. Another correction. The April 25th games for Blue and White are at Newburyport, not Pingree. Please refer to the schedule at hwlax.org for the ultimate source of truth as if any time or location changes are made between now and then they will be updated live there. You can subscribe to the feed via "options" on the schedule page.

Thx, Alice

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Corrected Next 2 Game Dates
by posted 04/12/2021

Apologies, my last email had the wrong date for the second game. Corrected version below.


Sun 4/18 1:45pm start U13 BLUE vs. Marblehead at Pingree Gate Field

Sun 4/25 10:00am start U13 BLUE vs. Newburyport at Pingree Gate Field


Sun 4/18 12:30pm start U13 WHITE vs. Marblehead at Pingree Gate Field

Sun 4/25 11:15am start U13 WHITE vs. Newburyport at Pingree Gate Field

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Headcount for April Break?
by posted 04/12/2021

Hi U13 Blue Families,

Yesterday was a great start to the season. The girls played with skill and determination, and won almost all the ground balls. Emily, who had never played lacrosse until two weeks ago, scored our first goal, then went on to make some excellent saves as our second half goalie. Then Eva, who played in goal for the first half, scored two goals in the second. 

For a first game, and after a missed year, it was amazing to see the teamwork on display. Players who had already scored were looking for open team mates who hadn't had a shot yet so we saw some very nice assists. Everyone took turns playing in and out of their favorite positions, and regular subbing worked well for a rest and water break, especially since we are playing on the full field length now.

Headcount For the Next Two Games

With April break coming up it's important for us to get an early headcount for the games this Sunday and next. Please go to hwlax.org, log in and on the schedule page for girls 2021 U13 blue look for the "thumbs up" button that takes you to the RSVP page for that game. Please respond there with your player's availability for the next two games so that we can plan accordingly.

I have listed the two U13 team start times below so that you can let me know if your travel plans mean you can't make our Blue team game but you can make the White team game time. 

As stated in the last email we want to have the kids play on their rostered team but the league doesn't check rosters and it's ok to trade players in the same age group to get them extra playing time or to fill out a team that would otherwise have canceled due to low numbers. This Sunday we only had 12 players able to attend so White loaned us Caitlin, Charlotte and Juilette who had already played in the earlier White team game. 3 subs is ideal.


Sun 4/18 1:45pm start U13 BLUE vs. Marblehead at Pingree Gate Field

Sun 4/25 10:00am start U13 BLUE vs. Newburyport at Pingree Gate Field


Sun 4/18 12:30pm start U13 WHITE vs. Marblehead at Pingree Gate Field

Sun 4/25 11:15am start U13 WHITE vs. Newburyport at Pingree Gate Field

Please go ahead and RSVP. While you are logged in you can respond to the practices as well. We need to take attendance for contract tracing this year if needed.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

Alice, Anna and Jen

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First Game Today!
by posted 04/11/2021

Good morning U13 Blue families!

We're excited for the first game today. Here's the info:

The game will start at 2:45 so be on the field dressed and ready to start the warm up at 2:15pm. Allow extra time to find parking, get equipment on, and get onto the field.


Georgetown HS - turf field 
11 Winter St
Georgetown, MA 01833

Please review the Covid guidelines sent to us by the Triton coaches (at the bottom of this email).

Here's a checklist for equipment:

- Stick

- Mouthguard

- Eye protection

- Water bottle

- Mask

- Uniform or pinnie (if you are waiting on an equipment order and do not have a pinnie please text me on 978-269-4320 and I will get one and bring it to the game for you). I don't know which color we will be yet. Depends on what Triton wears for their home color.

- Jewelery off - the only items that can be taped are medical ID bracelet and anything that religion requires must stay on. Refs will insist that newly pierced ears have the earrings removed.

- Cleats or sneakers. We are on turf today.

- Navy blue shorts, skort, uniform skirt or capris/leggings. Any dark color is ok but navy preferred.

- Socks - navy or white.

- Layers that allow for staying warm and for pinnie switching. I like to send my girls with a sports bra or crop top so they can change their pinnie color easily. 


If you have time before the game or in the car here some of the most important rules:

1. No checking above shoulder level. So on offense if you cradle with your stick head up high then you can't get checked.

2. Self start - if you are fouled and awarded the ball you can start right away as long as you have first come to a complete stop. No need to wait for the whistle unless the ref says this is a "whistle start" which is for penalties around the goal area.

3. Free movement - on the whistle you can keep moving. No need to stand as we used to.

4. Restraining line - 4 players must stay behind the restraining line. We check with the ref which line to use, it's usually midfield.

5. One pass is required once the ball has crossed the midfield line (U13 rule).

6. When the ball crosses the sideline there's a change of possession.

7. When the ball crosses the back line behind the goal IF it's a shot, the team on offense can regain possession if a player on that team is the first to the back line where the ball crossed. Important to be mindful of that when you see a team mate taking a shot (get ready to chase to the line if it misses the goal and goes behind). If it's a pass that goes over the back line that's just a regular change of possession so be careful passing close to the line.

8. Don't go in the goal circle! A goal will be disallowed if the attacker goes into the circle with body or stick.

9. On defense don't hang out in the 8 meter arc/fan without marking a player. If you are in there for 3 seconds they'll call a foul and set up a free position shot for the offense.

10. Also on defense watch out for "shooting space." That's if you are in between a attacker with the ball who could shoot and the goal and not within a stick length of a player you are marking. This is a safety call to avoid people getting hit by shots on goal.

11. If you are fighting for a ground ball don't cover it with your stick head in any way. That will be called as a foul,

12. Goalie has 10 seconds to clear the ball if she stays in the circle. She can come out of the circle with the ball but can't go back in holding the ball. She can roll in into the backside of the net (never from the front!) and then walk back in to restart the 10 seconds.

13. No checking that is into the body, into the imaginary sphere around the player's head, or one-handed or anything that looks like chopping wood with an axe!

14. You can kick the ball but you can't kick the ball into the goal :)

It's optional to go over these rules with your player. We have coached them at practice but the rules are complex and a lot has changed since u11.

The most important rules of all are to work hard for your team mates, show good sportsmanship, and have fun!



General Covid guidelines (from Triton)


        • Face coverings are required for spectators in addition to social distancing while attending a game or practice.
        • 2 Spectators per player are permitted to attend games

        • Players, coaches and officials will arrive for practices and games dressed to play.
        • Face coverings are required at all times for players from the moment of arrival at the practice or game field/facility until physically exiting the space.
        • Once players have completed their competition or activity, they must leave the area if another team is taking the field or using the playing surface to ensure adequate space for distancing.
        • No shared use of equipment; every player must arrive with their own primary and backup equipment.
        • No shared water bottles, drinks, food, etc. during practices or games for players or spectators
        • Sportsmanship should continue in a touchless manner – no handshakes/slaps/fist bumps.
        • Covid contact: If a player has tested positive and has attended a practice or game within 2 days of that diagnosis, team members’ parents are notified; Players must quarantine for 10 days; any practice or game activities within the 10 day window must be cancelled.

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First Practice Today Tuesday 4/6 at 5:30pm
by posted 04/06/2021

Our first regular practice will be held today at 5:30 at the Fairhaven field at the HW library.

Please make sure your athlete comes wearing their uniform shirt turned to the blue side out. 

Unfortunately covid regulations mean that no parents are allowed on the sidelines at practice or games (for now). You may of course stay in your cars and watch. Pickup is at 7pm.

Please log in to the website each week and confirm your athlete's attendance for practices and games. We need this information for contract tracing. Also so that we know we have enough players to confirm our Sunday game.

If your athlete cannot make our game time but might be able to play at another time please email me directly at alicewinthrop@gmail.com with details of their availability for that Sunday. We may be able to accomodate them at the other U13 game time. We want the kids to play on their rostered teams but if we can get them playing time which they would otherwise have missed, then we will do our best to work that out with the other U13 coaches.

Here's a link to the Founders League rules card in case anyone would like to refer to it: https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/5291/2021%20FGLL%20Card%20-%203-26.pdf

Lastly, if you have ESPN+, ACCN or the PAC12 Network there are a lot of NCAA lacrosse games broadcast this year. The U13 girls are still young so may not be fully focused on a whole game but it's interesting and inspiring to see the college athletes play the game, particularly how they move the ball around on offense, and fight so hard for ground balls and draw controls. Here's the schedule: https://www.uslaxmagazine.com/media/tv-listings


p.s. Any concerns or feedback from practice, please let me know. Thx




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