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This week soccer for Sporting CT 2007 Boys
by posted 02/22/2021

Good morning,

It was nice to be outside and have game on the fresh air again. We didn't played that great but we did had moments when we look like a team we are capable to be and times when we got lost on the field.

I am not concern about score or prerformance at this point and time, we have players that are in good physical shape and players that are not in good shape and they struglle at this moment, we will get better with more practices and games and we will get to the level we all want this group to be by start of the spring season.

This week schedule

Tuesday practice CCR field 5.30pm

Thursday practice Sports on 66 6.30pm INDOOR

Game Sunday 9am game be at field 8:30am wear all black bring other jersey with you.

Let me know if your son not available for any of the games or practices this week.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778





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This week soccer for Sporting CT 2007 Boys
by posted 02/15/2021

Hello everyone,

Hope all of you had good weekend. Tomorrow afternoon looks good for training and we hope we are able to be outside finally for training.

This week schedule

Tuesday practice at CCR 5.30-7PM 

Thursday practice at Sports on 66 6.30-8PM

Sunday game against CT Rush 1.30PM be at CCR field 1pm wear all black bring other jersey.

We hope weather doesn't play big factor this weekend and we are able to play game as scheduled if something change i let you know.

Let me or Nicole know if you NOT able to be at any practice or game this week.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778

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Rosters for Saturday scrimmage in Sports on 66
by posted 02/12/2021


Here is rosters for tomorrow games i know Parker, Gavin, Jaden and Tommy W can't make it to the tomorrow event rest let me know ASAP if your child is listed but not going to be there.

Please have your child wear this jerseys but also bring other in their bag incase we need to change someone team last minute. Be at Sports on 66 at 4.50pm no earlier then that.

Goalies Aiden V  and Tyler H wear goalie jersey prefer not green, grey or black color.


Philip A, Vedhik , Marcus J, Julian K, Ryan Q, Reese B, Charlie L, Kevin O, James W.


David A, Andrew F, John H, Youseff M, Elijah R, Mario C, Joe L, Harun O, Anthony T


Jah-Son B, Tommy F, Merdan K, Jacob N, Sebastian B, Elliott G, Lorenzo M, James O , Jackson W.

We will play 3x27 minutes games with one group working upstairs on fitness and two playing on the field each group will get two games and one fitness rotation.

Parents are not aloud inside for indoor but are welcome to watch any games or training we have at CCR field as long they wear mask and social distancing.



201 532-3778

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