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Indoor league
by posted 11/20/2019

Hi team!

We have gotten word that The Athletic Campus (formerly Brighton Sports Zone) is planning an indoor league starting in February. We are planning on participating and wanted to keep you all informed. Games will begin 2/1/20 and the league will run 8 weeks and will then have playoffs. All games will be played on Saturday mornings. Games will be blacked out during break weeks (at least 1 of the weekends of each break). We are excited about this opporunity and will keep you informed of details when we have them.


Have a great day everyone!



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This week...
by posted 11/18/2019

Good afternoon team,

Thanks for the quick response from everyone about the scrimmage.  I just added it to the calendar.  I know Turin is across town so if anyone needs help with rides, just let us know and we can figure it out.  

The Thursday night skills training and Saturday afternoon training sessions are off to a great start.  We scrimmaged a little on Saturday and we were happy to see some of the skills we've practiced implemented in that short scrimmage.  One thing that has stood out to us as coaches - we've challenged the girls to focus/work hard/make the most of our training time and we're very pleased with how they've responded.  Our girls work very hard and are very dedicated. 

We have stressed to the girls how important it is for them to put in time at home on their skills - we are working on developing our girls to be complete players during our training sessions and at this age will only devote a certain percentage of our training session to technical footwork.  This video is one the club sent for work during our Thursday night sessions. The girls have been introduced to a little more than half of these drills.  Please encourage them to continue to work at home to better their first touch/control of the ball with multiple surfaces of the foot/using both feet.  https://youtu.be/IeMYh7roBjk

Lastly, if you  haven't turned in the money you've collected for the Thanksgiving Day squares, please do so this week.  We need the money separated out to give to the winners next weekend [Nov 30th practice].  I will not be at Thursday's skills session because I have to be at school that evening but Shane, Kerri or Alissa will be available to collect any money that is brought in.  

It should be a great week with a lot of soccer for the girls.  I'm excited we got a scrimmage on the calendar and am looking forward to Sunday!  

Pat Dwyer


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