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by posted 11/23/2022

Hi and welcome to Team Silvia Homes!


My name is Doug and I will be your coach this season.  The league asked for voluteers so here I am.  I've played basketball since I was 5 and I am a big NBA fan.  With the help of 2 assistants (Jackson and Aysen), we will have a 3:1 ratio, which is great for learning and development.  I do work every 3rd weekend, so I will not be present 100% of the time.  Our practices are Fridays @ 7pm at Riddle Brook.  Please attend every single practice.   This time is more important than the game. Another team will share the court so an adult will always be present.  If there is NO school there is NO PRACTICE. During our 90 minute coaches meeting, a lot was discussed about the refs.  Most of them are teens, still learning as well.  Let's take it easy on them for missed calls.  This year they will be in uniforms with very loud, new whistles.  One of them will even be doing the score/time table.  

Uniforms will be handed out on picture day (December 3rd @ Riddle Brook School) and then we will have our game with no time conflict.  Picture time will be announced soon.    


Thank you to our sponsor, Silvia Homes, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the first practice on December 2nd.  I turn 44 that day!


Coach Doug

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