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We are in need of coaches! If you have ANY interest in coaching, please email today! C'mon and join us! Coach a team today!


Welcome to Creek Volleyball

We are excited to start the season! Please see below for information specific for the 2023 Volleyball season!

Q. When is registration? 
A. Volleyball registration will run from December 18th through February 15th. Creek reserves the right to close registration early if teams reach capacity.  In addition, returning players who request a specific coach will need to register and pay prior to registration capacity in order to be placed on that team.  Any late registrations will incur a late fee as described below and will not be guaranteed a spot on their requested team.

Q. How much does volleyball cost?
 2023 registration fees will be $275.00. Late registration fee (any registration/payment after February 15) will be an additional $25.00. A registration with non payment does not hold a spot on any team. Once age groups reach capacity, registration will close for that grade. There are no refunds, for ANY reason (including Covid issues, closures, or cancellations, injury, schedule conflicts, etc.) after February 15th, 2023.

Q. Can my daughter "Play Up"?

A. Yes, if space allows.  Players can play in one grade above their current grade level per AYL rule. You must, however, register in the correct grade. So for example, if your daughter is in 3rd grade and you wish for her to play in 4th grade, you must register her in 3rd grade.  If there is space on a 4th grade team we can place her there. Players cannot "Play Down" for any reason. 

Q. Where does my registration fee go?
 Creek Volleyball registration fees provide for membership to the AYL, facilities (gym time), equipment, liability insurance, general and business development, administrative support, background checks, and coaches' clinics. All coaches and league directors work as volunteers.

Q. When is the season?
 Practices begin in late February/early March, with match play beginning the first weekend of March and continuing through the tournament in mid-May. All teams practice once or twice a week, depending on gym availability.

Q. In what age group will my child play? 
 Volleyball will be offered for 8 playing levels. Some ages may be combined for league purposes.

1. 1st Grade 
2. 2nd Grade 
3. 3rd Grade 
4. 4th Grade 
5. 5th Grade 
6. 6th Grade 
7. 7th Grade 
8. Senior division (8th Grade).

Q. Will my child be cut?' 
A. No players are cut.

Q. When/where are practices held?
 Practices are held once or twice a week, depending on the age of the team, the coach, and available facilities. Practices are held in the gymnasiums of local Creek schools and clubs. A practice schedule is created a week prior to the first practice, and will be communicated by your player's coach.  We understand volleyball season may conflict with other sports your child might also be participating in.  However, we cannot place a child based on practice facility location or practice days.  This is due to the significant amount of coordination it takes to place hundreds of players, secure and schedule space on a consistent weekly basis, as well as accommodate our coaches needs in order for them to volunteer their time. 

Q. When/where are matches held?
Matches will be played on Saturdays and Sundays at:

South Suburban Sports Complex

4810 E County Line Road

Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

 Once each member belonging to the AYL submits its rosters, the League creates match schedules.  These schedules are typically not released to the member clubs until a week or two before match play begins.  We will pass along the schedule just as soon as we receive it from the league.  Generally, you can expect all match play to begin in early March.  Make up games could be played on Saturdays/Sundays if canceled due to weather; this is at the discretion of the AYL, not Creek.

Q. What uniform will my player wear?
 Girls' and boys' uniforms are of a standard design determined by the league. All players must have appropriate footwear (volleyball shoes are encouraged, but any court shoe is acceptable) and knee pads.  Each team will coordinate jersey numbers once rosters are finalized.  Uniforms are NOT included in your registration fees. Uniforms will be available for purchase and we will send all registered players a link to order online

Q. What else do I need to buy?
Uniforms, shoes and knee pads are not provided by Creek. Additional expenditures each season are voluntary, and may include the purchase of team/individual photos, and/or an end of season trophy or momento (purchase of trophies, coaches' gifts, etc., are negotiated among each team's families).

Q. Who will be my player’s coach?
 Creek Sports is an all-volunteer organization. Every coach, assistant coach, team mom/dad, AYL delegate, treasurer, president, vice-president, etc., is a volunteer. While many of our coaches have been with us for many years, we have new coaches every season and are always looking for more interested coaches to continue to grow our program. Creek provides instruction to coaches in the form of clinics (coaches are required to attend at least one clinic per season), and requires background checks on all coaches.  In the situation where a roster is formed from registrations but there is no coach for that team, we will reach out to the parents of those players to fill the coaching role - we understand it's a big commitment but it's also a very rewarding one and the only way to keep the program growing!

Q. How do I reach my player's coach?
 Each player's coach will communicate contact information when practices begin in February/early March.

Q. What if I want to coach?
 Be sure to note on your child's registration that you are interested in coaching, and e-mail us at: 

All coaches must attend at least one coaching clinic each season and pass a background check and concussion certification as mandated by state law.

Q. What if I can't coach, but still want to be involved?
 For each match, coaches will rely on parent volunteers to act as line judges or scorekeepers as each team on the court will be required by the AYL to equally fill these positions. Some coaches may also recruit a team parent or parents to help with communication, snacks, various practice drills, etc.

Q. How do I know my child will be safe with his/her coach?
 Creek Volleyball has taken important steps to ensure the highest level of safety within our programs. No coach is allowed to participate with a team prior to completing a background check and concussion certification.

Q. Can I stay with my player at practice?
 Parents are encouraged to stay at practices and even encouraged to help run drills, shag balls, participate in scrimmages, etc.  Whether parents leave or stay during practice, parents are responsible for arranging transportation for their players to and from practice, and be punctual in order to respect the time our coaches are giving to the program. Due to limited space in our gyms, siblings are encouraged to stay home.

Q. What are the rules of volleyball?
AYL volleyball rules vary by age group. The 2022 rule book is currently posted on the AYL Website:

Q. What is the timeline for the 2023 Volleyball Spring Season?
 (Note exact dates will be determined by the AYL as the season gets closer, but this is generally what you can expect):

December 18th: Volleyball Registration begins
February 15th Volleyball Registration ends
February TBD - Coaches' Clinics & Mandatory AYL Meeting
February 21, 2023- Practices can begin - dependent on gym availability
March 5/6, 2023- Approx match play begins 
End of April 2023- Play off tournament ( all teams compete)
Mid-May 2023 - Championship Games for #1 & #2 playoff finalists (2 divisions for grade levels with several teams)


We hope that you join us! Please send any questions to:







CCYS volleyball practice.

General Information
Coaches and Parent Volunteers are needed for Volleyball!  If you are interested or you would like more information please email .

Early registration runs December 2022 through January 2023 for the Spring 2023 season.  Players that register after January 15th will be assessed a $25 late fee and will only be placed on a team if there is still space. There is a $25 fee for all canceled registrations until February 14th, 2023. After February 15th, there are no refunds for any reason including injury or scheduling conflicts. There will not be any exceptions granted.

Player Age:
Team placement is determined by GRADE, not by age.

Returning players are placed onto teams with first priority if paid early for the 2023 season. New players with completed registration forms are placed onto teams needing players. New teams are always welcome.

Practices will be held at various Cherry Creek Schools and local gyms. Practices will be 1- 2 hours per week between 6:00 p.m. and 9 p.m., with early priority given to the youngest teams. Coaches determine their practice time and location based on gym availability. Practices will begin the last week of February.

Games will be played on Saturdays starting in March and run through mid May. Schedules will be available in March and will be posted at www.aylsportCCYS volleyball with a link to volleyball. There will be a minimum of 8 games per team this season.

All players are required to wear their assigned complete uniform with the correct roster number on the uniform in order to play in an AYL match. Shorts with logos, writing or colored piping are not allowed. Knee pads are strongly encouraged to be worn at practices and games. Team sock style may be determined by individual teams. 

 All head coaches are required to complete a Coaches Application (found under the volunteer tab on the left side of the homepage) and email it to    

Thank you for being involved with youth sports and making this a fun, positive experience for the players! We welcome happy suggestions and all questions.

Contact: Jill Domsch at

More information for the upcoming volleyball season will be added here as it becomes available.

posted 07/17/2015
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