Team 91 Texas Lacrosse is a Houston area year-round, competitive, youth, travel lacrosse club dedicated to teaching and growing the game and the player.

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Fall 2020 Indoor Training
Team 91 Texas Fall 2020 Indoor Training Want more field time to...
Fall 2020 Tryouts
Dates & Times:   Sunday, September 13th 1:00pm...
Box Lacrosse 2020
T91TX Box Lax 2020: Saturdays, Sept 5 - October 24 BUILD...
Spring 2020 Quarantine Workouts
Let’s stay active boys! Here are some routines that you can...

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Fall 2020 Indoor Training

Team 91 Texas Fall 2020 Indoor Training

Want more field time to hone your skills? T91TX is rolling out additional training sessions this fall - indoors!


Dates: Mondays & Wednesdays, starting November 2, 2020 to December 2, 2020


Cost:  $285 includes:

8 two-hour training sessions

($150 to register, two payments of $67.50 thereafter)


Training Times:  

5pm to 6pm:  2031 to 2028 (Grad Year)

6pm to 8pm:  2027 to 2021 (Grad Year)


Location: Southwest Indoor Soccer, 12950 Sugar Ridge Blvd, Stafford


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Fall 2020 Tryouts

Dates & Times:  

Sunday, September 13th

1:00pm to 2:00pm - 2nd to 5th Grade

2:00pm to 3:00pm - 6th to 8th Grade

3:00pm to 4:00pm - 9th to 12th Grade


Camp Sienna Fields, 7725 Camp Sienna Trail, Missouri City, TX 77459


Tryout Cost: $25

Register for tryouts:


Fall 2020 Season:

Cowboy Cup:  November 7-8, 2020 (Russell Creek Park, Plano, Texas)

Bitter Texas Lacrosse Lax Festival:  December 5-6, 2020 (Two Wishes Ranch, Lockhart, Texas)

Best of Texas Lacrosse:  December 12-13, 2020 (Cyfair Sports Complex, Texas)

Practices begin October 4

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Box Lacrosse 2020

T91TX Box Lax 2020: Saturdays, Sept 5 - October 24



Practice Times:

9am to 11am:  2024 to 2021 (Group 1)

11am to 1pm:  2027 to 2025 (Group 2)

1pm to 3pm:  2030 to 2028 (Group 3)


Cost:  $285 includes:

4 two-hour practices / 4 game days (2 games a day) for 8 games / Box lacrosse jersey


More Information & Registration:

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Spring 2020 Quarantine Workouts

Let’s stay active boys! Here are some routines that you can do (mostly…mostly) in your backyard or by yourself. This is a great time to work on your hands (stick skills), your footwork and your shooting. On the other side of this ordeal you should be in a good position to have some great hands and feet. We are going to be working with the coaching staff to send all teams routines and workouts each week but this is the start. We will also organize Zoom meetings, maybe team dinners, game video analysis and other workshops for the boys so please stay tuned for some great content.

Most importantly, be healthy, make each other laugh and smile, practice social distancing and know that your health and the health of your families is the highest priority. We love you all. Now let’s get down to it shall we:

The workouts should be used as a competition with yourself. No matter what your position is you should do these drills. Don’t shoot with a goalie stick though, use a shorty. You need to figure out how to do all of it by using the videos. Our coaches are standing by to help you if you don’t know how to do it so please let us know. When we get out of this and are back on the field you can expect that your coaches may ask you to demonstrate some of these drills. Let’s make sure that we are educating ourselves and being accountable students of the game. We may be asking for videos from the boys so we can make sure it is being done correctly.

The Wall Ball Routine and the Shooting Routine should always be finished with the footwork drills. There are six of them and you should go through them all. If you are worried about using lacrosse balls and breaking your fence, you can use tennis balls.


The videos come from First Class Lacrosse and are on Vimeo. You don’t need a subscription but let us
know if you run into any issues. Let's work and have fun - LET'S GO!!!


Wall Ball:

1. Catch & Cradle:
(Catch, Cradle, Move it!)
2. Catch & Cradle Underhand:
(Work on a true underhand release!)
3. Quicksticks Closed Position:
(No cradle, keep you bottom hand down)
4. Quicksticks Open Position:
(No cradle)
5. Quicksticks Crossbody:
6. Quicksticks Shuffle:
(Depending on the space you have!)
7. Twisters:
(Work on your top hand deception!)

Shooting Drills:

1. Step Up Drill:
(Work on your weight transfer)
2. Step Up and Back Drill:
(Weight Transfer plus explosion!)
3. Step up and Back Drill with Catch:
(Work on receiving it loaded!)
4. Pitcher Drill:
(Work on your balance + weight transfer)
5. Pitcher Drill with Catch:
(Work on catching it loaded!)
6. Split, Load, Rollback Drill (1st Progression):
(Work on your rollback footwork!)
7. Split, Load, Rollback Drill (2nd Progression):
(Add the hand exchange!)

Footwork Drills:

1. 2 Step Jab Drill: 
(Simple footwork drill for your split dodging)
2. Stick and Split Drill:
(Work on a hard stick into 2 step footwork)
3. Left Right Drill: 
(Work on your dodging footwork)
4. Skip Split Drill:
(Work on footwork for your skip split)
5. Attack the Cone: 
(Work on sudden change of speed and stop start)
6. Skip Split from X:
(Work on your same foot hesitation)

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posted 01/01/2017

Many thanks to for their generous sponsorship and donantions in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. We are grateful!

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Callan Campbell is a 2022 Lacrosse Defenseman and college recruit from Houston, Texas and plays with Team 91 Texas, Igloo Elite 80, Warrior All-America, 3D Select, East Coast Invitational, NLF.