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Welcome to SLAP's website!



Hey!  Welcome to the SLAP website.  We are glad that you found your way here!  This is the place where the SLAP community can get the latest info on games, training sessions, SLAP Gear, tournaments and more! 

If you are looking into playing club water polo, in the St Louis area, we would love to talk to you and have you come out to try a few training sessions with us. 

Our coaching staff is experienced and comprised of national and high school coaches, along with coaches who have played collegiately.  

We are a co-ed developmental club who welcomes all ages and skill levels.  Don’t miss out on the chance to learn new skills, work with national coaches, make great friends and have an awesome time playing water polo!  There is a place for everyone in the SLAP community!  See you at the pool!








Summer 2023 Season registration is now open!


















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