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RELAX: Fall Lax Clinic
Hello RELAX Players and Parents -   For Boys and Girls...
RELAX Boys in Grades 4-8
Hello RELAX Parents of Boys in Grades 4-8: Yes, believe it or...
Looking for Off-Season Lax?
Check out RELAX O/S (RELAX OFF/SEASON)   Summer, Fall,...
BGCRE Membership Fee
Beginning August 1, 2013 the Boys & Girls Club of Redding-Easton...
Don't put your stick down!
WALL BALL is one of the best things you can do to improve...
RELAX: Fall Lax Clinic

Hello RELAX Players and Parents -


For Boys and Girls with playing experience in Grades 6-8
Sunday: Nov. 2nd
5-7 pm
on the Turf at Joel Barlow High School
Register here on the RELAX website


Coming soon:
One day Lax Clinic just for beginners to get you ready for the Spring Season!


Contact Adam Lanehart

by posted 10/29/2014
RELAX Boys in Grades 4-8

Hello RELAX Parents of Boys in Grades 4-8:

Yes, believe it or not, if your son wants to play on a summer team in 2015, tryouts have already begun. There are dozens of programs to choose from.

We are offering something a little bit different: A summer team where the commitment, expense, and travel time are all reasonable. 

The 2015 Buddha Teams are for boys currently in Grades 4-8 (U15, U13, U11). 
We will meet for one month: June 29th - July 29th. 
There will be 2 practices/week from 5:30-7:30 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays at Barlow.
We will attend 2 Saturday or Sunday tournaments, specifically selected for quality competition while keeping travel time and expenses at a minimum.

With a top-notch coaching staff and a low player to coach ratio, players will receive instruction in advanced lacrosse techniques, skills, and game strategies while focusing on team play, an essential component of high school and college lacrosse.

Please register by December 1st.  (
Roster size is limited to 24.

Please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Adam Lanehart
Director, RELAX
Varsity Assistant Coach, JBHS



Team Buddha*

- 2 practices per week and 2 tournaments
- All coaching expenses
- All tournament fees
- Liability and Insurance coverage
- Field usage fees
- Uniform pinnie
- Team Buddha t-shirt
- End of month pizza party
- $600 per player

*What's with the name?

There is a 30+ year history behind "The Buddha," starting all the way back when Coach Distler was an All-American at Cortland. He brought the tradition to Barlow in 2001. It has been a big part of all the Barlow Boys Lax teams and has adorned many uniforms and T-shirts. It's tradition blossomed once again a few years ago with the formation of the first and most notorious summer Team Buddha, comprised of Barlow graduates and their college teammates. 
The Buddha, most often referred to as "Happy Buddha" or "Laughing Buddha" is really a Chinese Zen monk who lived approximately 1000 years ago.  He was known for his generosity and is the patron saint of children, the weak, and the downtrodden. Most often the laughing Buddha statue is displayed in the home as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. One of the  accoutrements often seen in the statues of the happy Buddha is an oogi. The oogi is a Chinese "wish giving" fan used to demonstrate that their wishes would be granted. In western culture, the laughing Buddha is a jolly round man who frequently distributes candies and presents to children, closely resembling what Westerners think of as Santa Claus, but his tidings of good fortune can be enjoyed year round. It's believed that if you rub the belly of a laughing Buddha you are sure to enjoy good luck, prosperity and wealth.

by posted 10/07/2014
Looking for Off-Season Lax?
Check out


Summer, Fall, and Winter clinics and sessions
for beginner and experienced players

Boys and Girls
Grades K-8

Go to:
and click on the "RELAX O/S" tab

Contact Adam Lanehart



by posted 11/02/2013
BGCRE Membership Fee

Beginning August 1, 2013 the Boys & Girls Club of Redding-Easton (Club) will be implementing an annual club membership fee of $35 per participant.  Payment of the fee will be required prior to registering your son or daughter for any sport/program which runs between August 1, 2013 - July 31, 2014.

The decision to introduce an annual membership fee comes after giving serious consideration to improving the operation of the Club and the impact it has on its members. We are excited to report that the number of Club programs and participants are at an all-time high and continuing to expand. An annual membership fee is a more transparent way to cover some, but not all, of our increased cost and is also a common practice among other Boys & Girls Clubs.

An annual membership fee will also enable us to offer other free or low cost programs and events for Club members and the community at large without the need to assess extra fees at every turn. Certain events and activities that we have charged for separately in the past (such as the annual Spring Barbeque) will now be free to members. Please keep an eye out for more information regarding these programs.
If you have any questions, please contact the club at 203-938-3166. We thank all our members for supporting our efforts and look forward to another successful year!

BGCRE Board of Directors
by posted 09/09/2013
Don't put your stick down!

WALL BALL is one of the best things you can do to improve catching, throwing, and shooting. All you need is a wall, your stick, and a ball.


  • Accuracy
  • Stick Skills
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Catching
  • Dodging
  • Conditioning
  • Hand Eye Coordination


  • Wrists
  • Forearms
  • Body Trunk
  • Core
  • Shoulders
  • Legs

For Best Results:

  1. Find a flat brick or concrete wall at least 10 feet high, the longer the better. You have permission to use the big outside wall of the gym at Barlow, the one that faces the septic field.
  2. Every drill that you do — do it with both hands.
  3. Stand 5-7 yards away from the wall.
  4. Practice this routine at least 4-5 times per week.
  5. Each practice session should be at least 20 minutes. If you finish all drills in less than 20 minutes, repeat starting with the drill that challenged you the most.
  6. Use your ipod!
  7. Have fun!

Wall Ball Drills:

  1. Quick Stick with no cradle.  (50 right, 50 left.)
  2. One hand Quick Stick, no cradle. (50 right, 50 left.)
  3. Quick Stick, change hands each time you throw the ball while the ball is in the air, no cradle. (50 right, 50 left.)
  4. Both hand catch and cradle, with one quick cradle. (50 right, 50 left.)
  5. One hand catch and cradle, with one quick cradle. (50 right, 50 left.)
  6. Face Dodge: Catch, face dodge, throw. (50 right, 50 left.)
  7. Split Dodge: Throw right, catch right. Split dodge to left hand, throw left, catch left. Split back to right hand.  (50 right, 50 left.)
  8. Cross handed, weak side. (50 right, 50 left.) “Cross handed” means stick in right hand on the left side of body, or stick in left hand on right side of body. One quick cradle each time.
  9. Behind the back. (50 right, 50 left).
  10. Pass and Catch on the move, side to side.  (Go for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, repeat 3 times.)
  11. Develop your own drill.  Be creative and make sure you use both hands


Google "Lacrosse Wall Ball"

There are dozens of demos!


posted 03/14/2013
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