Pembroke Youth Hockey (PYH) is an organization for boys and girls ages 5 to 19 years old from Pembroke and the neighboring towns, including Halifax and Plympton. A member of both Massachusetts Hockey and USA Hockey, PYH is comprised of teams which compete

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Welcome to PYH's website!

Here, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions and much much more.  Check back frequently for the latest information about Pembroke Youth Hockey.


All ice time in Phase 2 of the State's Reopening plans this Summer will be 2-3 groups of 9 skaters for Skills & Drills with 1 coach each.  This will give PYH players an opportunity to get back on the ice with their friends and have fun skating, shooting, and passing.  Stay tuned for an updated Summer schedule starting in June 2020.  Summer 3v3s will return in Phase 3 of the State's Reopening plans.



Updated May 31, 2020

Hi everyone,

We hope that everyone is staying safe.  Thank you to all of our first responders, healthcare workers, and essential workers!  The PYH Board understands that we are faced with many unanswered questions on next steps for everything in our lives, including when the rinks will open, how we will operate going forward, and what the season will look like.  

Ordering game jerseys is a necessary step in the process of planning, but also small step in the right direction, that possibly brings some hope and a smile to you and your hockey players.

Link to purchase is HERE.  Link to contact customer service is  . Size chart HERE.

PYH has decided to only have one jersey next year (navy) in order to keep costs down for our members.  The new navy jersey is almost identical to the older navy jerseys we have used for the past two years.  If you choose not to purchase a new navy jersey, you may use your old one.  The new navy jersey cost is $65 for adult sizes and $58 for youth sizes.  This is for all full season players (U6, Mites, Squirts, Peewees, Bantams, U10 Girls, U12 Girls, U14 Girls).  All half season players (U19 Girls and Midgets) will have jerseys provided to them by PYH that will be returned at the end of their season after Thanksgiving.  They also make great gifts for coaches, parents, grandparents, anyone really!

For the players - you have the ability to choose a personalized last name and jersey number on your order.  Odd birth years = odd number.  Even birth years = even number.  Returning players, please keep the same number you had in the past.  New players can choose any number, but it will be subject to availability, and PYH will contact you to confirm final numbers before printing.

Please see the size chart linked below and on the site itself.  We recommend that you measure your player with their equipment on to make the best possible decision on sizes.  While PYH has confirmed 100% refunds on tuition if we do not have a season, ordering jerseys is not something that will be refunded if we do not have a season.  Also, there are no changes to any items after ordering.  

Additional items on this webstore are optional: PYH pant shell and PYH equipment bags.

We are not including hockey socks on this webstore.  PYH will be providing each player with hockey socks in September at no charge.  We are also not including reversible practice jerseys on this webstore.  PYH will ask you to keep your practice jersey from last year if it still fits, or bring it to tryouts (cleaned and sanitized) to exchange for one that fits.  New players will receive a new practice jersey at no charge.

The store will be open for the month of June, and jerseys will be delivered at the end of August / beginning of September.  Anyone thinking that they might sign up for PYH should purchase a jersey just in case.

Please reply to this email or reach out to any board member with any questions or feedback.  Please keep those kids moving, running around outside playing anything, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep.  We will continue to update you on any new news regarding PYH, the rinks reopening, and any new guidelines/protocols for youth hockey in the state.

Thank you and be safe,




A message to all those interested in training at Salt Shack Crossfit from owner Chad Sowersby regarding Outdoor Open Air Training for Youths (starting now).  





Updated May 9, 2020

PYH Familes, 

We hope that everyone is staying safe and doing ok.  We are all struggling in some way, especially without watching our kids play sports with their friends.  They all miss each other.  We all miss each other.  Some good news, a few rinks in the reopened states are slowly opening with new protocols in place.  We are looking forward to that day in Massachusetts.

Resending our 2020-2021 registration information (links below and on the left side of this page).  As mentioned in our previous communications, we will refund 100% of all funds paid if we do not have a 2020-2021 season.  We extended the registration window through August 2020.  Our 10 month payment plans will still begin May 15th.  If you sign up after the 15th of any month, your payment plan will have the same payment plan costs as originally planned, but the total amount outstanding due on the final month of your plan (Nov 15th for half seasons, Feb 15th for full seasons) will be a larger amount.  If you are currently experiencing financial difficulty during this time and want to sign up but cannot do so, please let us know, we will work with you.

PYH is open to everyone regardless of background, experience, playing level, etc.  We are committed to providing the best experience and growth for our entire community on and off the ice.  How can we help you and your family?  Want to share any ideas? Our next Board zoom meeting is Tuesday 5/12.  If you have any questions for us or topics you would like addressed, please let us know beforehand.  We will follow up with you afterwards.

-PYH Board


Updated April 24, 2020

PYH Families - We hope that everyone is staying safe and doing ok.  Thank you again to our front line workers and their families during this time.  Our board met virtually this week.  As of today, we are making decisions based on the idea that we will have a 2020-2021 season beginning in August/September.  We will continue to communicate with everyone as the situation continues to evolve.  We will be creative no matter what the outcome is for PYH.  In the meantime, please take advantage of all online learning options, stay active, and be positive.

Please join us in welcoming newly appointed Coaching Coordinator Matt Mulready, starting May 1st.  As a reminder, the Coaching Coordinator is an appointed PYH Board position for 1 year.
1) Registration - We have decided to keep our 2020-2021 season registration open beyond May 14th for all levels through sometime in August 2020.  Our 10 month payment plans will still begin May 15th.  If you sign up after the 15th of any month, your payment plan will have the same payment plan costs as originally planned, but the total amount outstanding due on the final month of your plan (Nov 15th for half seasons, Feb 15th for full seasons) will be a larger amount.  We will refund everyone 100% of all funds paid if we do not have a season.  
2) Game Jerseys - We had planned on updating the jersey next year, as most of our players have jerseys that are 2 years old.  We have decided that we will offer a similar navy only jersey for next season.  If you have a navy jersey that fits, then you should be all set. If you need a new navy jersey, we’ll have an option to buy one online later this summer.  We will discontinue the red jersey and go with one jersey for next year instead of a home and away.  
3) Practice Jerseys - Almost everyone should have theirs from last year.  If it still fits in the fall, keep it for next season.  If you need an updated size, please return the one you have (cleaned) at tryouts in August, and we’ll provide you with a new one at no additional charge.
4) Coaches - please send in your applications and also last year player evaluation forms for your teams if you have not already.  Email
5) The rinks remain closed and Summer 3v3s are postponed until further notice.  
Please continue to provide feedback to the board.  Let us know if there is anything we can do to help during this time, and also if you are willing to help anyone locally.
-PYH Board



Updated April 16, 2020


PYH Family, 

The thought of our kids playing an organized sport right now seems like an eternity away.  We know that parents and kids are stressed right now.  Please continue to take care of yourselves and others while we are staying at home.  Keeping some normalcy in our lives and finding gratitude for these moments we have to slow down are important.  Research is showing that pre-covid, 38% of all kids did not play a team sport, and 17% of all kids did not play anything at all.  It is scary to think that these numbers will increase post-covid.  PYH is open to everyone regardless of background, experience, playing level, etc.  We are committed to providing the best experience and growth for our entire community on and off the ice.  How can we help you and your family?  Want to share any ideas? Let us know.  All PYH Board members are available.

There are unlimited amounts of online resources right now from USA Hockey for everyone.  Please take advantage of these resources for any at home learning, including off ice training.  One great area is Youtube’s USA Hockey Coach site here.  Another great site is the Aspen Institute Project Play here
As a reminder - our registration site for next season is open now through May 14th.  If you are having financial difficulty and want to sign up but can’t do so, please let us know, we will work with you. Original registration email below.
-PYH Board



Updated April 1, 2020

Registration for next season is OPEN through May 14th 2020.  Register HERE

Read the PYH letter here.  All other important links are below.

Make sure you get your new IMR # first on USA Hockey's website. $56.50 for players (free for U6) and $48.50 for coaches. Coaches will be reimbursed once all requirements are complete.


Pembroke Youth Hockey offers the following:

    • Hockey for all Ages and Skill Levels, from Learn to Play to Midgets. 

    • Dedicated Girls program with teams at U10, U12, U14, and U19 levels. 

    • Discounts for full-time Goalies.

    • August and September tryouts to encourage growth over the summer. 

    • Weekly Sunday summer half ice 3v3s (April-August). 

    • Weekly team practices (September-April).

    • Weekly age group skills led by Ben Travers, Skills coordinator (September-April).

    • All practice & skill sessions played locally at Hobomock Arenas at consistent times.

    • Weekly goalie / shooting clinic Saturday mornings (September-April).

    • Weekend games (30 per full season team) played locally. 

    • Checking clinics (4x per year for Peewees and Bantams).

    • USA Hockey certified & trained coaches. 

    • Socks & practice jerseys for all full season players (included in tuition).

    • Participation in district playdowns & state tournament (squirts & up, included in tuition).

    • Jersey program (purchase online separately during the summer).

    • $10K cash prize fundraising raffle and party held in February 2021.

    • Partnerships with Salt Shack Crossfit, Adidas, Quality Sports Hub, & The Hockey Think Tank.

    • THE LOWEST TUITION COST on the South Shore.


Registration Information

Tryout Schedule

Payment Schedule

Summer 3v3s

USA Hockey Registration

Coaching Application - email to

PYH Board Contacts & All Roles - please let us know feedback and any interest in volunteering




Update March 20, 2020

Some good news...the South Shore Conference just released the regular season 1st place division winners. Congrats to 4 of our PYH Teams on the list. The kids will all be receiving trophies by the end of April. We also want to congratulate our 1st place Metro South Hockey League team as well. Go Titans!

Bantam Y14 B Herman (Coach Brundage)
Peewee Y12 A RE (Coach Curtis)
Squirt Y10 A RE (Coach Casavant)
Girls U10 B (Coach Tabor)

Peewee Y12 C (Coach Evans)



Update March 15, 2020

Not the way anyone wants to end a season, but for the safety of everyone, our 2019/2020 PYH season is over.  We are thankful to everyone involved with PYH on and off the ice.  We look forward to the day we can all be together again.  These events will make us stronger as our individual families spend more quality time together.  Please follow the guidelines from local authorities, and do not gather in large groups.  If anyone in our community needs special assistance, please do not hesitate to ask and let someone on the board know asap.

From the South Shore Conference: 

SSC PLAYOFFS CANCELLED - As we continued to monitor the situation, and look at the fact that Governor Baker has declared as state of emergency as well as the President and especially concern for the health and well being of our players, coaches, parents, on ice officials and scorers, we have decided to cancel playoffs for this season.


Update March 13, 2020

Inline with our schools and town offices, PYH has decided to cancel all practices and on ice clinics at Hobomock Arenas until Monday, March 30th.  This means the ice is off limits.  DO NOT USE the ice during our cancelled hours.  As a reminder, all SSC, Metro, and BSHL games this weekend are cancelled.  We will update everyone with any new information as we receive it from the rinks, leagues, and local government.  The SSC has a meeting on Tuesday to discuss playoffs.

During this time off, please adhere to any new local rules put into place, think about our local businesses who still need your support, and reach out to our elderly who may need additional assistance.  Please reach out to any PYH Board Member if you have any questions or feedback.

See our town website for more local information and updates. 




Update March 12, 2020

Dear PYH Community,

It is an unprecedented time in the world. The PYH Board is continuously monitoring the current health situation with COVID-19 and the health and safety of our players and families are our top priority. 

At this moment, the board has decided to cancel all PRACTICES, Thursday, March 12th, at Hobomock Arenas.  Please check your email and our facebook page for more updates on what’s ahead for this weekend and beyond.

While COVID-19 continues to spread, it is important that our community takes action to prevent further transmission.  Thank you for your help in making sure this pandemic does not effect our friends and families. 




ATTN: Coaches for next year - please submit your coaching applications by April 1st to PYH Coaching Coordinator Ryan Macdonald at  Link to file here.



Congratulations to our winners of the $10K Cash Prize Raffle, Matt Mulready, and Free Tuition next year, Ryan Hill. 

Below is a picture of a few board members with the winners at the PYH Parent's Night Out event.




PYH Celebrates National Girls and Women in Sport Day

We have 91 girls playing on 13 different teams this season in our program! The confidence, strength, and character gained through sports participation are the very tools girls need to become strong leaders in sports and life. The future is bright!!!




PYH Adidas Winter Store is Now Closed

The store will reopen over the summer.




Congratulations to Pembroke Youth Hockey’s 2019 Little Bruins Academy Graduates!!!

Thank you to all of our volunteers with this program as well.

Video link



Interested in a quick guide for age appropriate skills and development that will be taught at PYH?

Click here for the USA Hockey skill progression manual




New USA Hockey declaration of player safety, fair play, and respect...effective 2019-2020 Season




Introducing PYH's Equipment Exchange Online Program

Have old equipment that your kids have grown out of?  Need new equipment before the season starts in a few weeks?  We are introducing a webpage on our website for our members to exchange equipment.  Anyone can post a photo and list items they may not be using anymore.  See our posts here.  Please adhere to our PYH Code of Conduct when posting.


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