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Travel Hockey COVID-19 Procedures & Protocols

NCWC Members,

As we officially kick off the 2020-21 hockey season this week, we wanted to circulate the COVID-19 procedures and protocols surrounding the NCWC Travel Hockey Program.  We will update our procedures as warranted and will have it posted to the web site (www.ncwinterclub.com<http://www.ncwinterclub.com/>) .  We will follow the directives handed down from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the State of Connecticut. In addition, we have collected input from USA Hockey, the Connecticut Hockey Conference (CHC), Darien Ice House (DIH) and the New Canaan Winter Club (NCWC).  Our primary objective is the safety and well being of the kids and everyone involved in our program.

General Protocols:

           •    If a player has a fever, or does not feel well for any reason (importantly including those symptoms most common with COVID-19) they are not to participate in any team functions (also as a general guide if your child has                             missed school due to illness then they should not participate)

           •         If a player or an immediate family member has tested positive or has come into close contact with an individual that has tested positive for COVID-19 the child will need to follow the 14 day quarantine procedures

           •         Parents should take your child’s temperature prior to all team functions

           •         Players are required to wash hands before coming to the rink and following practices and games and all should practice stated behavior for protection against infectious disease

•       Communication will be important as we manage through: Please immediately notify your Team Manager and Coaches of any positive cases and also if your child is exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19

Rink Protocols:

           DIH has its procedures which will be updated as we move through the season but please note the following guidelines:

•           Players should arrive to the rink dressed as much as possible in their equipment wearing a mask

•              Players are to enter the rink through the front door and exit at the back of the building

•              No sharing of water bottles.  Every child should have his or her own water bottle at every practice and every game

•               Where possible, kids should do their best to socially distance in locker rooms and on the bench (DIH is working to accommodate limited use of the locker rooms as the season progresses)

•         No spitting, or squirting water bottles at anyone

•       Masks / face coverings are required at all times up until the player puts on their helmet and steps onto the ice

•        If a player becomes systematic at a team function, they are to notify a coach immediately and will be escorted from the ice

•         Parents are required to wear a mask or face covering to enter and while in the rink

•        Only one parent or guardian will be permitted at the rink for practices and games

•       Maintain social distance in the stands

•       No post game handshakes

These guidelines are meant to maintain a safe environment and failure to comply with any of the procedures and protocols outlined will be addressed by the Hockey Policy Committee (HPC). These guidelines may be updated at any time as required.

Keep in mind each rink will have its own set of procedures that you will want to familiarize yourself with prior to heading to any rinks out of town.

We would like to acknowledge the effort made by all to successfully complete our tryouts this weekend and adhere to all the important procedures. As the season progresses we will continue to need the community to work together using common sense and patience as we manage through. Please stay in communication with your team contacts and also the HPC when necessary.

We are very excited to get started this week and we will update any important information as needed.



by posted 09/04/2020
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