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Why Holdmel Football Association???
Why Holmdel Football Association????

Holmdel Football Association (HFA)
A proud member of NJAYF
Home of the

2011 Jr. Pee Wee Cheerleading National Champions
2011 Pee Wee Cheerleading Big East Champions
2011 Jr. Pee Wee Cheerleading Jersey Shore Champions
2011 Midget Cheerleading Jersey Shore Champions
2011 Pee Wee Football A North Division Champions
Benefits of Holmdel Football Association, NJAYF, and AYF/C:
  • HFA is the ONLY youth football and cheer program in Holmdel that has been in existence for over 30 years.
  • HFA is the ONLY Holmdel organization who can TRULY boast a storied history including multiple National Cheerleading Championships, Regional Championships, and Jersey Shore Championships.
  • HFA is the ONLY Holmdel organization who can TRULY take claim to a storied football history including a team that participated in National Championships playoffs, Regional Championships, multiple Jersey Shore and Division Championships, and a National Invitational Mitey Mite Bowl.
  • HFA believes in building a strong community with the approximately 200 families that are a part of our organization.
  • HFA has a relationship with the Holmdel High School athletic program.
  • In 2011, our program had 7 football teams and 5 cheerleading squads.
  • AYF offers Spring Tackle football, football camps, and 7 on 7 off season leagues.
  • AYC allows the cheerleaders to participate in clinics during the offseason and HFA will be taking advantage of this!
  • Many of the HFA coaches have multiple years coaching experience.
  • In 2011, HFA changed our affiliation from Pop Warner to American Youth Football & Cheer along with 31 other Jersey Shore Associations forming NJAYF (New Jersey American Youth Football).
  • In 2012, NJAYF has grown to 40 associations.
  • NJAYF sent an 8th grade all-star team to Nationals this year – they were the underdog, but brought home the National Championship!
  • AYF/AYC has an All Star game in January and NJAYF accepted applications from each association and carefully selected a handful of football players and cheerleaders from the conference (NJAYF) to attend – an unforgettable experience for those boys and girls.
  • In 2011, NJAYF won a $10,000 grant from Kraft Foods for scoring highest in the “Huddle to Fight Hunger” challenge – HFA held canned food drives, bake sales, and volunteered at a local soup kitchen to help score points for our conference.  AYF/C believes in giving back to the community!
  • AYF&C Academic All-American honors all scholar athletes who have a 98% or higher grade point average.
  • HFA’s mission is to instill life-long values of teamwork, fair play, hard work and dedication both on and off the playing field while encouraging our participants to achieve academic excellence.
  • In 2011, HFA had one football player and one cheerleader named to the Scholar Team – a wonderful accomplishment.
Come Join the Holmdel Football Association and become part of the storied history that has defined Holmdel Football and Cheer for over thirty years.
2014 Registration Is Now Open
by posted 04/15/2014

2014 Registration Is Now Open

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Thank you for your continued support!!
by posted 03/07/2014
Dear Family & Friends of HFA,

As we are readying to enter into our 2014 Cheer and Football seasons we would like to thank you all for your continued support of our program.  We all work very hard to give the children of Holmdel the best experience possible in Cheer and Football with our association with AYF. 

In 2013 – our successful track record continued and Holmdel sent two teams to Florida this year. Our Pee Wee Football boys were Jersey Shore Champions and our Jr. Pee Wee Cheer girls were named National Runner Ups.  We hope you will continue to support the programs as our children compete at the highest level to make you and the town of Holmdel proud.

However, the success of our programs does not come without a price.  Although we work tirelessly in an attempt to make the program viable to provide our children with all the equipment needed to remain safe and compete with pride, we need your help. Our cheer squads and football teams have many needs and we have the obligation to do everything possible to make them look professional and keep them safe.  Outdated equipment and uniforms are a costly line item in our budget, and even though we work hard in the snack stand, host other towns, and put on other fundraising events, we need more.

We have already seen how generous our community can be and are hoping to continue with this trend.  A long overdue thank you goes out to those families that were extremely charitable with their donations at  our “Parent’s Night Out” event this year.  Dearborn Market, Samra Group, and the DaCunta, Cleary, Rainess, Pierson, and Serini families were kind enough to provide basket donations for our raffle.  In addition the Rainess/Bauer, Cleary, Rice, Hammer, Byrne, and Tedeschi  families donated over $900 in monetary donations combined.  In total that night brought in over $3200 in donations from your generosity alone.

Keeping with the spirit of giving, we ask that you please consider making a donation to the program, whatever you can financially afford,  the children would be extremely grateful.   Checks can be made out to HFA and all the money will go directly to benefit the kids.  If you are unable to make a monetary contribution, there will be numerous other fundraising opportunities throughout the upcoming season.  We are hoping to start a "Spirit Committee" within the HFA with the intention of raising money during the season as well.  These opportunities include our apparel drive, HFA  yearbook, special events, and Parent's Night Out.  Holmdel Football Association is our organization, let's all make it as great as our kids deserve!

Football and Cheer helps to build community pride.  We saw this at our “Parent’s Night Out” and hope to continue having these  events in the future. The lessons that our children learn through their experience make them better men and women in the community.  Our program helps to build character, promotes teamwork, and countless other lessons these children will carry with them throughout their lives.

“Perfection is being able to look your friends in the eye and know you did everything you could not to let them down.”  “Clear eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose” – Friday Night Lights.

We thank you in advance for your consideration and appreciate any assistance you can provide.
Thank You –
Holmdel Youth Football & Cheer Board
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National Semi Finalist
2010 Pee Wee

Eastern Region Champions

2010 Pee Wee

East Region Semi - Finalist

2010 Jr. Pee Wee

JS Conference Champions

2010 Pee Wee
2010 Jr. Pee Wee

JS Division Champions
2010 Jr Pee Wee
2011 Pee Wee
2012 Cadet


National Champions
2009 Pee Wee
2009 Midget
2011 Jr. Pee Wee
National Finalist

2010 Pee Wee
2010 Jr. Pee Wee
2011 Midgets

Region Champions
2007 Jr. Pee Wee
2009 Pee Wee
2009 Midgets
2010 Pee Wee
2011 Pee Wee

Eastern Region Finalists
2011 Jr. Pee Wee
2010 Jr. Midget
2011 Jr. Pee Wee
2011 Midgets

JS Conference Champions
2007 Pee Wee
2007 Midget
2009 Jr. Pee Wee
2009 Pee Wee
2009 Midgets
2010 Pee Wee
2010 Jr. Midget
2011 Jr. Pee Wee
2011 Midgets
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