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ELC's fall lacrosse season is underway! 
Practices and games are held on Sunday afternoons according to the schedule below.
Youth Girls - High School Girls..........1:00 - 3:00
High School Boys..........2:00 - 4:00
Scoopers - 3/4 Grade Youth Boys..........3:00 - 4:30
5/6th Grade Youth Boys - 7/8th Grade Youth Boys..........4:30 - 6:30 
The season ends on Sunday, October 19th. There will be no games/practices on Sunday, October 12th
Parents - If you are interested in helping coach your son or daughter's team, please email  . No experience is necessary. We have lots of experienced coaches returning that will help you learn what you need to know, so if you're interested – let us know. Please don't be shy – we need your help!
Have a question about fall lacrosse or ELC? Email  .