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Original 1984 Draft Discovered
by DDO Executive Softball posted 02/27/2014
DDO (Reuters) - In a discovery of historical significance that may surpass that of the Dead Sea Scrolls almost 70 years ago, the DDO Executive Softball League announced that it has unearthed the original league draft from the inaugural 1984 season. The draft, inked in impeccable penmanship on its original parchment, was in surprisingly pristine condition.

Isar Klaiman, the man responsible for the groundbreaking discovery, was still giddy about his chance finding. "I was just rummaging through the shed well after the field had been shut down for the season, hoping to find some left over ice packs,  loose change or what not, when my metal detector hit on something big time. There was something under the floorboards, and this was no Susan B. Anthony Silver Dollar!  I pried up the flooring, and there I found an old aluminum bat.  I picked it up, and it was so light, I was actually able to take a normal swing with it.  It was then I realized the bat was hollow and there was something inside it.  I popped off the end cap, and the rest as they say, is history.  It was like the 1984 boys of summer had left us a time capsule!".

If you aren't yet as excited as Mr. Klaiman, click on the image below and see for yourself.

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