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2014 Year-End Video

by DDO Executive Softball League posted 10/20/2014
The Results Are In

Congratulations to the newest members of the Executive Team, Jimmy Israel (Banquet Chairman) and Mitch Perlman (Rules & Regulations Chairman).  The league wishes to thank Robbie Cohen for his dedication and commitment  over the past few years as Banquet Chairman and to JR Gonzales for throwing his hat into the ring for the position of Rules & Regulations Chairman.

by DDO Executive Softball League posted 10/18/2014
The Champions Have Been Crowned!

Congratulations to 2014 League Champs MCC !!


Gord Bloom                   Luigi Verrucci

Mark Grant                    Barry Bercovitch                       

Lorne Novolker              Kerry Ludmer

David Bassal                  Irwin Kastner

Serge Levy                    Jeff Deskin 

Brian White                   Jacques Hadida

Dino Gaspari                  Donnie Roter


by DDO Executive Softball League posted 09/30/2014
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