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Registration is now open for Bedford, NH residents for the 2021-2022 Recreational Division.  The Recreational Division is open to all student athletes who are in grades 1-12.  Our recreational league maintains an instructional and social environment where everyone is encouraged to play and equal playing time is mandatory. The level of competitiveness increases with age.



1st & 2nd grade - $80

3rd - 8th grade - $115

9th - 12th grade - $115

* After 11/1 there will be a $20 late fee added to all registrations *

* Payment for the season is due at the time of registration. *

* Registrations made without payment will expire on 11/1 *

* The deadline to register is Wednesday, November 3rd *

* There is a recreation league family maximum of $250 *


Those facing financial hardship can apply for financial assistance by contacting Barry Baines, BBL President at .  All information provided will be kept confidential. 

Rec league evaluations will occur on Saturday, November 6th at McKelvie Intermediate School according to the schedule below:

8:00 3rd grade Girls
8:30 4th grade Girls
9:15 3rd grade Boys
9:45 4th grade Boys
10:30 5th grade Girls
11:00 6th grade Girls
11:45 5th grade Boys
12:15 6th grade Boys
1:00 7th/8th grade Girls
2:00 7th/8th grade Boys


We are thrilled that practices and games will be BACK IN OUR SCHOOL GYMS this year! 

One-hour weekly practices occur for grades 3-8, as well as a one-hour game each Saturday beginning on December 4th.  The regular season is followed by single elimination playoffs.

One-hour weekly games on Sunday for grades 9-12 beginning December 5th.  The regular season is followed by (modified) double-elimination playoffs.  There are no scheduled practices.

The 1st/2nd grade division does not have a practice during the week. Their Saturday session will start on December 4th and include 30 minutes of instruction with their team, followed by a 30-minute scrimmage with the other team in the gym. There are no playoffs.

The rec season concludes in mid-March. 

If you're interested in sponsoring your child's team, please send an email to   for details.