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Baseball News

The AYL baseball board has issued the following announcement;

No change is being implemented for the 2021 baseball season concerning any age or grade requirements.  The same rules apply as in 2020 age rules only



Please contact: with questions. 


Important Dates:

  • Early Registration closes JANUARY 14th, 2023
  • Late Fees ($50.00 increase) begins January 15th, 2023


2023 AA Season Overview 


  • League season starting in early April for all ages, games (typically one (1) Saturday and one (1) Sunday per wk) will be played Friday through Sunday. 
  • The league will attempt to over-schedule games on all playable days/dates within the online described league calendar (listed on the AYL Baseball homepage).  Doing so, teams will have more games pre-scheduled with little to no make-up (board discretion). 
  • All teams at age 6 and up will play at the "AA" level.
  • Season opening AA Spring Training “Tune-Up” games will be held in the beginning of April (two (2) games, typically one (1) Saturday and one (1) Sunday).  Tune-up games do not count towards league standings.
  • Coach pitch formats will be played at age 6 and 7.
  • A modified coach pitch format will be played at the 8AA National level only.
  • Starting at the 8AA American level (and older ages) will be kid pitch.
  • All ages, all teams, may be AA National or AA American, American being the higher level of competition.
  • League games will not be scheduled on Easter Sunday, Mother's Day or Memorial Day weekend. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Weekends that show no games does not mean it will not have games, weather does impact baseball and games will be loaded on available weekends for play.  
  • There are no bye requests for regular season or playoff games.  
  • Any team that is unavailable for the playoffs or World Series due to outside tournament conflicts or travel will be removed from the end of season AYL playoffs.
  • The division size(s) (number of teams) will be determined by the AYL BOD.  All teams will be reviewed and seeded to determine the appropriate participation level for each team.
  • At the conclusion of the regular season play, all teams will participate in a double elimination playoff.  The playoffs will begin in early June and conclude in late June.  Trophies will be awarded to the top 2 teams participating in the World Series game. There are no trophies for regular season finish.
  • The above described season is subject to change at any time by the AYL Baseball BOD.


CCYS offers a wide range of baseball experiences for players in our community.  Whether your child has never played before or has fallen in love with the game, there is a Creek team that will be the perfect fit!  Our coaches work hard to teach fundamental baseball skills and instill the love of the game in Creek players.

Our teams compete in the Arapahoe Youth League, which offers the following levels of play:

  • AA/A (recreational level, games primarily on weekends)
  • Majors/AAA/C PREP (more competitive, games are Monday-Fridays with the weekends open for tournaments or practice)

Please click the links to the left to learn more about each of our baseball programs.  


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