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The schedules for the Fall 2019 Season have been posted.


Here, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions and much much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about our league.


Field Hockey Alliance Rules and Guidelines

Fall 2019 Youth Field Hockey


Umpires should call for captains at the scheduled start time, have a brief discussion, and flip a coin to decide who gets the ball first.

Alternate possession at each quarter.

Change sides on the field only at half time.

No penalty strokes at 2/4 and 5/6.

Penalty strokes at 7/9 will only be awarded if both teams have a fully equipped goalie.

If lightning causes suspension of games at Herndon or WOG, all subsequent games at that facility will be canceled. Games may be resumed at Nike if the weather clears. No games will be extended beyond their one-hour scheduled block.


All age levels will use Federation Rules.  Some differences from High School rules:

  1. Goggles are not required.
  2. Jewelry may be worn if it is not dangerous
  3. Games will be played with 4 quarters versus 2 halves (see timing below).
  4. Goalies are not required for 2/4 and 5/6. Strongly encouraged for 7/9.



Umpires will ensure that the game clock starts running as scheduled, even if the teams are not ready. All games will begin on time.

All games will be played in quarter period with a five-minute half time as follows:

2/4: 10-minute quarters

5/6: 12-minute quarters

7/8: 12-minute quarters


Penalty Corners:

For 7 v 7, four players (one can be a goalie) are in or near the cage. One or more players can be outside the cage up to five yards away from the goal. The ball is inserted at a spot 10 yards from the goal. All defensive players must have their feet and sticks behind the end line. Offensive players around the circle must have their feet and sticks beyond the circle (if the sticks are touching the ground). The inserter must have one foot beyond the end line.


For 11 v 11, five players can defend a corner.


If any player, offense or defense, commits a foul (such as leaving early), that player goes pact to midfield on 11 v 11 and the designated line for 7 v 7 (the far hash marks at Nike). For violations of this rule, the corner is reset.


The player inserting the ball cannot play it again until another player touches the ball. A violation of this rule results in a 16-yard hit for the defense. 


Field notes for 7 v 7 Fields at Nike

Goals are placed on the orange line in front of side soccer goals.

Orange line denotes end lines and the far sideline. This orange line runs along the football goal posts and is the spectator sideline.

The inside sideline is white and corresponds to the football 40-yard line. The white lines are in the center of the field and denote the team area during games. The area between white sidelines (20 yards in width) serves as the warm-up area. Spectators should not be in this area.

Special note: the white and orange lines do not intersect. Cones should be placed at all four corners.

The football hash marks will serve as the 25-yard line.  Defensive players not defending a corner will be placed at the far set of hash marks.

by posted 09/18/2019
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Bishop O'Connell - Arlington OPEN (9/22) 
Boeing #1 - Field A - Arlington OPEN (9/22) 
Boeing #1 - Field B - Arlington OPEN (9/22) 
Herndon High School - Herndon OPEN (9/22) 
Nike 4 - Field A - Great Falls OPEN (9/22) 
Nike 4 - Field B - Great Falls OPEN (9/22) 
Nike 4 - Full Field - Great Falls OPEN (9/22) 
Word of Grace - Field 2 - Herndon OPEN (9/22) 
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